Is it Slutty, or is it Fun?

25th March 2009

I was having a drink on the patio in the tourist district of Boston, watching the wildlife with a guy friend. Every girl who passed us was kitted out in spike heels, clingwrap skirts, smokey eyes. It was a Saturday-night sea of sex.

Then a girl passed by who looked refreshing.

“What’s going on there?” I said.
“You mean how she doesn’t look like she’s advertising?” he replied.
“Yeah. I mean, you can practically see her underwear in that skirt, and her cleavage is hanging out. Why doesn’t she look slutty?”
“She’s wearing flats,” he said.
“Oh my god. She’s comfortable.”

Wear whatever you want, ladies, but be at ease. If you’re tugging at your skirt, worrying about being judged, or limping up the street, you’re hobbled.

Hobbled girls may get laid, but only because they’re the weakest ones in the herd.

35 thoughts on “Is it Slutty, or is it Fun?

  1. Hannah

    I noticed that. I always go out in flats because they are so much more comfortable. I wore heels out when I went to my friends birthday outing and they were painful but I got more attention! lol

    I’m going back to my flats!

  2. beyond

    you’re so right. i’m more of a sneakers/ ballerinas girl myself… (this reminds me of the term “f#ck me heels”)

  3. darcy

    I always use the VH1 show Rock of Love as a meter to whether or not any particular outfit looks slutty.
    When giving my self a slut check I put on a “night on the town” outfit I look in the mirror and say to myself “would one of the contestants on Rock of Love wear this?”
    When I see a girl walking by and I think to myself I think that would be a perfect match for Bret Michaels, then I know that the outfit is questionable. Its fail proof, like sensible shoes.
    PS. Your prompts have been fun this week Maggie

  4. Jo

    I don’t think it’s quite about being “hobbled” or not; I think Molly Chase hit it on the head…it’s about looking at home in whatever you’ve got on.

  5. Erin @ Furry Murray

    Ha! I never have gotten high heels, I’m much more of a flats or Chaco sandals kinda girl. Okay, so maybe it’s because I walk like drunken horse in heels. Loved your post!

  6. Natural

    I don’t wear anything i have to wobble in and i don’t have any f*** me pumps either. yeah it seems a little like advertising. stilettos? short dress? bend over and we see your tonsils? i don’t think so.

    vote: slutty

  7. Melissa

    I wise woman once told me the difference between slutty and sexy/attractive is12bwen about balance.

    If you’re going to wear a short skirt, cover up top. If you’re going to wear a low cut blouse, make sure the bottom isn’t equally revealing.

    Don’t overdo it. A hint of sexy is much more attactive.

  8. Melissa

    …and the difference between typing coherently (“is12bwen”) is having a toddler on your lap or not.

    Well, that and actually having had my coffee yet…

  9. You can call me, 'Sir'

    I guess I get to be the token dude in your comment section this time. I’ll bear my burden bravely.

    I would much rather strike up a conversation with a woman who’s comfortable in both her skin and her clothing than one who displays her goods for all the world to see while teetering hither and yon on miniature stilts.

  10. Shelley

    Sometimes slutty people wear high heels and sometimes they wear flats. It’s not about the footwear.

  11. melissa

    what about wearing comfy clothes…like say…yoga pants, for example…and a pair of 5 inch spiked f-me pumps? post. and my first time here. don’t EVEN ask me how i got here. i think from the bloggers choice awards but with the impending doom of the 40th b’day approaching…i never can be too sure about anything…

  12. Katie

    After wearing flats almost exclusively for five years now I can no longer tolerate heels. And I have a few pairs of REALLY SMOKING heels. On the rare occasion that I wear them, I end up in pain and cursing the man (for surely it was a man) who invented heels in the first place. And I feel like a wounded, vulnerable animal unable to escape a dangerous situation, should it occur.

    And I don’t need that spiral of doom going on in my head, so flats it is!

  13. Callie

    Interesting — I can’t wear flats, they KILL my feet, give me wicked plantar fascitis. I need 3-inch heels (or sneakers) to keep my feet healthy.

    Also, I’m not just physically comfortable but also mentally comfortable in heels. Just feels right. Don’t judge!

  14. Dani

    Well call me crazy but I like heals. I wear em every day and I look good. I do however spend the money to get comforatable ones. And it’s not about getting laid, I’m happily married. The secret to being sexy is to look comforatable and confident. If you don’t think you can pull it off you probably can’t.

  15. shea

    I didn’t think strait men cared about a woman’s shoes. I just thought it was other women and the gays that gave a damn…

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  17. Candice

    They call them limousine heels for a reason. Unless you’ve got your driver waiting out front you should probably stick to something you can walk in. Most of my shoes pass the Cloverfield test: if a giant, angry baby-monster invades the Silicon Valley suburbs I am ready to hoof it out of here.

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  19. jubilant cerise

    That last line made me laugh so hard I think I sprained my jaw! :D

    I’ve never been a high heeled girl either, even though I’m a shortie – I like the option of running if I need to!

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