This One Time

25th March 2009

I’m laying on my back with needles in my limbs, trying to relax. The ambient music in the acupuncturist’s office is massage/day spa/yoga music — the kind where the singer repeats a single foreign phrase endlessly, and when she’s done, she does it again. The problem with such music (she said, as though there were only one problem) is that my brain cannot focus when there’s something to translate. Of course I have no idea what language this is (which somehow makes me feel slightly racist?), and so my brain approximates.

I breathe in through my nose; out through my mouth.


In through my nose…


…out through my mouth.



3 thoughts on “This One Time

  1. Dani

    I’m really glad you said that. I thought I was the only person who ends up hearing nonsense words when there is non english music playing. Actually Spanish is the hardest for me because I speak just enough to get very confused.

  2. Hannah

    Aah the spawn of my bullying lol.

    I unfortunately played the flute in the school orchestra when that film came out – I never ever lived it down! I hadn’t seen the film and it would seem everyone else had!

  3. Angelika

    White guilt is funny to me. Sorry.

    How can you feel slightly racist just because you hear some foreign language and can’t concentrate?

    Now had you said that there was rap music playing and you couldn’t understand it, that might be racist…

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