Zombies! An Eight Step Plan

26th March 2009

1. Twitter.
2. Crowdsource a Costco takeover.
3. Secure entrances.
4. Neutralize Costco undead in increasingly cinematic ways, using only products at hand.
5. Clean off that food processor. We might want to use it later.
6. Set up Wifi.
7. Update Facebook status.
8. Organize a yoga class.

10 thoughts on “Zombies! An Eight Step Plan

  1. Kalanna

    That may be the sanest solution to zombies ever formulated. Not surprised that it came from a woman. So, when will that yoga class be?

  2. RDH

    Sheer brilliance! My fiance just sent me a link to your blog and I love it.

    My plan was to train an army of ninja monkeys to defeat them. Pros: Ninja Monkeys. Cons: Undead Ninja Monkeys, eventually.

  3. Holly

    The weird thing is that I had a dream about a month ago where zombies had broken into Costco. All of us were trying to hide from the zombies. Of course, I see that your plan is to secure the entrances. If only we had thought of that.

  4. Candice

    1997 me wants to know if this works for raptors, too. I’m going to tell her “Yes. Yes it does.”

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