10 thoughts on “Mighty Goods Covets

  1. Jan

    Envelope, shmenvelope — I want the chocolate and praline egg in the shell!! I’d order them but then I’d have to eat them. So I’ll just lick my monitor.

    What? Like nobody else does it.

    Really? Nobody?

  2. Rach

    We had some eggs like these on a holiday with some friends once. They were so lifelike that we put them into the bowl with the hard boiled eggs someone was using to make egg-mayo (i know, i know, we don’t eat that stuff any more)

    V funny half hour followed as they tried and tried to break the chocolate eggs, thinking they were real. They came up with so many explanations for why a real boiled egg might be so hard. In the end it broke when she gave it to her son who threw it hard at the floor!

  3. Branden

    I just ordered the chocolate eggs for a dear friend who gave up chocolate for lent… thanks for the brilliant suggestion!

  4. tracylea

    I have to admit I am a bit disturbed by finding chocolate inside a real egg shell. I am not clever enough to even begin pondering the intricacies of making this happen. Except perhaps that the bunny who did this is the coolest bunny ever.

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