15 thoughts on “She & Him, You Really Got a Hold On Me

  1. elsie

    i first heard an interview with she & him on NPR last year then I couldn’t remember their name for the longest time – finally figured it out a few months ago and got the CD – LOVE IT!!

  2. m

    I looove Zooey! Have you heard her rendition of “Bring It On Home to Me”? It’s all kinds of lovely.

  3. Barbara

    Is she just darling? So’s he for that matter. I could just eat them both with a spoon. Thanks for sharing!

  4. KurtRoedeger

    Heard Zooey on NPR one day talking about her singing and got her CD. It is awesome and she’s a total hottie. It’s my favorite album to listen to during the work day.

  5. Ashley

    This was my wedding song. When I met my husband, I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Then one morning I realized that I was completely in love with him. I wish we had danced to this version. It sort of fits.

  6. Nic Dempsey

    I love this song, still madly in love with The Beatles version, just for the bit where John Lennon sings ‘hold me….tighter’

  7. k.a.m.

    I was on a SXSW live chat site All Songs Considered with Bob Bolein when some very mean ass spirited vampire queen comments on how the SHE in “She & Him” was beautiful and therefore nothing bad could ever happen to her.

    She is beautiful. Her singing is gorgeous. And it’s obvious to me some people are out there to…. ahhh mentally derange some peoples beauty and to do them harm.

    This song is great. Love it then love it now. Thanks for posting it.

    Incidentally, the mentioning of your website in the SF Chris Colin article got me here. So great PR on your part.

  8. amanda

    My fiance and I are going to dance to their song “Got Me” at our wedding in May… starting off slow and breaking into a swing dance later. I can’t wait.

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