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23rd March 2009

Remember when I told you about Plinky? Well, I’m writing this week’s Plinky questions, which makes me feel powerful beyond measure. Well, moderately powerful anyway. Do my bidding!

I’m posting a new question every day this week, so go have a look.

In the meantime, Plinky didn’t have space for one of the prompts I wrote, so I thought we could answer it here:

Hideous, no? Now choose. Show your work in comments.

24 thoughts on “Guest Posting on Plinky

  1. Stacey Ball

    I have to go Mom. If I went pops I’d have to live in the bachelor pad that still had a photo of a naked woman 70’s era in the bathroom. Ironically if dad kicks the bucket that’s the first item that I will want.

  2. Kristin Steiner

    I’m with ya sister! But for me it’s my Dad’s Hooter’s T-shirt.
    Delightfully Tacky, yet unrefined. Did I also mention emotionally unavailable?

  3. sparkle

    my parents used to ask me when i was young who i would want to live with if they ever got divorced. i have refused to answer this question for well on 25 years now, thankyouverymuch.


  4. anon for this one

    Court-appointed advocate, por favor.

    The toxicity, the twistedness – you do not want to know. My father has recently (publicly) advocated the assassination of President Obama and believes that there should be separate laws for men and women (women should not be allowed to have hold certain jobs, for instance, like doctors, lawyers, or soldiers); my mother berated me for not being polite enough when *she* invited my ex-husband – who had beaten me and threatened to kill me – into *my* house and tells me I might *possibly* be able to “get a man” if I’d lose some weight and not “act smart” (intelligent).

    [type… delete. type… delete. type… delete. Maybe time to try therapy again.]

  5. Bea


    I love my mom and my mom would do anything for me…but I feel that the only reason I would choose to be with her is to be emotional support for her. My dad is more responsible and acts as a parent, instead of making me feel as though I have to be the parent, even though he has plenty of his own faults.

  6. Jennifluff

    I’d never thought about this before, but I think its easier having one really crappy parent. It makes this choice (one I did make) so much easier! I couldn’t imagine having to make it had I had two “normal” parents.

    Dad was a failed rock star and told me at 12 that if I ever wanted drugs, he’d give them to me as long as it wasn’t him who gave them to me first. HA!

    Mom was over worked, but was the best mom ever. I tell her this a lot.

  7. anon

    I once mentioned to my psychiatrist that I wonder sometimes if my life would have been better if I’d run away from home. His response was: possibly. I’ll take the last option, but don’t tell mom & dad.

  8. Sarah

    So obviously I was very blessed to have a great mom and dad. It would break my heart to choose between them, so I’d have to choose court-appointed advocate.

  9. Dave M

    Court-appointed advocate = likely to be vetted by authorities. Anyone can be a parent. This is not to demean or expose my parents, anyone else’s parents, or any of you who are parents. But people are not typically vetted before they become parents, so I’m saying, with absolutely no other information, I have to go with someone who may have had an interview and a background check before taking the responsibility.

  10. Jen

    Court appointed advocate. I’ll spare you the details, but when I turned 18, my parents bought me luggage. They would have helped me pack, but that would have meant they cared. They’ve given up on me, but I turned out just fine.

  11. Mags

    Tough call, but each of my parents would really fall apart without the other, so it’s a question of which one I could be there for more. My mom is much closer to my sisters and tho’ she’d probably be suffering the most without my dad, she’d lean on them instead of me. My dad and I are able to co-exist very peacefully, so I could keep an eye on him without getting too much on his nerves.

  12. jen

    I had a chance to see each of them as a single parent. They both sucked at it in totally different ways.

    I would take a court-appointed advocate or, if under the age of 4, a roving pack of wolves. Better than either would be to share Mary Poppins with Melissa S.

  13. amanda

    Whoosh— knocked the wind out of me. I guess, having experienced the incredible highs and lows of living with someone who gave a shit (mom) I’d pick Dad. Perhaps emotional detachment makes for a less volatile environment, no?

    Then again, the fact that I wrote a post about my boobs last night would make the whole dad thing weird. Court appointed advocate, perchance.

  14. auntjone

    Yow. Probably dad because he keeps to himself (always has) and isn’t up in my business all the time like mom. That’s a tough one.

  15. MJ

    I can’t believe that “Dad” & “Court Appointed Advocate” are currently in a dead heat. A sad commentary on fatherhood, no?

  16. Dani

    Hmmm. Well they’re both drunks but I’ll go with Mom because despite being very unplesant in the evenings she was a good Mom when I was a kid. It’s really as an adult that I find her hard to handle. Dad was always an ass.

  17. "anon for this one" again

    Jen #14: You too?! Wow. For as long as I can remember, my father used to say that for my 18th birthday he was giving me a set of suitcases, but he’d give it to me the day before my birthday so I could be packed and ready to go at the stroke of midnight.

    And he did.

    To be perfectly fair, compared to either of their respective sets of parents, MY parents were award-winners. Doesn’t make things easier, though, really… If you get a finger chopped off, it’s certainly not as bad as the guy next to you who got his whole hand chopped off – but *his* missing hand doesn’t put *your* finger back on, you know?

    My own son is 14 now, and I am in a constant state of anxiety, wondering every day if I’m fucking up with him as bad as they fucked up with me, and if he’ll be able to understand that I tried my best, even if he can’t love me.

  18. Angela

    I don’t think I ever got to choose but my parents were divorced when I was very young and I lived with mom. All I can say is THANK GOD! She was great. He was a drunk.

  19. Vix

    I had to choose the Court-Appointed Advocate.

    I never really knew my father – he told my mom on my 6th birthday he wanted nothing more to do with me. And my mother well… She had me young and I really don’t think she was ready for motherhood.

    Or maybe it was just her second husband who royally fucked things up. Either way, my life improved DRAMATICALLY the minute I moved out of her house at the age of 18. So I have to believe that the third option would have been the best.

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