Solution! Cheese Plate Jar

8th January 2009

Since Hank came along, we entertain at home a lot more because we’d rather buy groceries for the week than fund a sitter for an evening.

This is our cheese plate jar, it’s where we keep snacks for impromptu hosting. We used to eat all the yummy snacks ourselves, and then have sliced fudgesicles and dry pasta curls when people came over. Now, once something goes in the jar, it’s for guests only.

You can stock it with all kinds of shelf-friendly snacks, but our favorites include:

  • Bars of Dagoba or Scharffenberger dark chocolate
  • Raw almonds, pecans, filberts
  • Roasted pistachios or pumpkin seeds
  • Dried apricots, cranberries, or mangoes
  • Crystalized ginger

If you happen to have some cheese in the fridge and a little drizzle of honey, you can make a killer cheese plate with that stash. If not, take three little dishes (we use sushi plates), and put out almonds, dried apricots, and chopped chocolate. You can put it together in five minutes with no cooking and no stress.

Look at you, so fancy.

38 thoughts on “Solution! Cheese Plate Jar

  1. beth

    Oh how I love to put things in jars! Makes it perfectly dog proof! And this is a grand idea. I love it.

    So… a filbert? is that like a hazelnut?

  2. Alyce

    I say filbert, too.

    My grandparents (from whom I first heard the word) are from Minnesota, North Carolina, and Southern California respectively.

  3. Philly Mama

    Great idea. I have a toddler too, and so entertaining at home is a LOT easier than going out sometimes. Although like you I find that all the items I buy “just in case” we have company mysteriously disappear. Putting them in a jar, while simple, may be the barrier I need.

  4. Clare

    This is a great idea. My tack tends to be to buy stuff I don’t like myself (for instance, to keep boyfriend happy, I keep green tea, olives and fig rolls in the cupboard – he also likes chocolate and ice cream, but those things are gone as soon as he leaves the house) as I know it will stay put in the cupboard for when others come round!

  5. Jami

    Oh what a fantastic idea that I MUST try! Though, I have to say, most of the people who want to come to my house are so picky they bring their own food.

    No bitternes.

  6. spoiledonlychild

    Where is this alternate universe where people always have guests popping in expecting a plate of fancy appetizers and a cocktail to greet them? Every cookbook and women’s magazine seems to have tips for dealing with these mythical unexpected guests. Am I the only one who doesn’t have this problem? Maybe (probably) I am just unpopular.

  7. Kimberly

    Spoiled Only Child, I encourage people to call when they are in the neighborhood and drop by. I think if your friends and family are confident that you like having them over anytime, they’re more likely to come with little or no notice.

  8. tracylea

    Perfect! of course I’ll have to have my daughter hide it so mummy and daddy don’t disturb it during a late night movie snack crave.

  9. Michelle

    That is a fab idea…I’m going to do that at our house. We don’t have a lot of fancy snack foods around because I will end up eating them but this is awesome in a pinch !!

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  11. All About Food

    What a great idea. How do you keep your hands out of that jar in between guests? I like to keep some good marinated olives and fruity Parmesan in the refrigerator at all times. Add some almonds and good wine — makes everyone happy!

  12. amanda

    I recommend dried cranberries as well. Dried cranberries and almonds taste delicious together. Might go make a snack of them myself right now….

  13. Impotence

    Огромное вам человеческое спасибо, очень актуальная заметка.

  14. jackie

    TOTALLY LOVE this!! I actually went out and made one last week! thank you for the tip as I was part was there but you gave me the extra push I needed to have the right supplies on-hand!! =)

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