Baby Shower ABC Book: How To

I mentioned yesterday that I made this blank, DIY ABC book for my friend Alli’s shower.

Bryan and my friend Jaime really helped — I’d intended to use a store-bought journal, but couldn’t find anything that would work. If you’d like to make one too, here’s how we did it.

We took some white cardstock sheets, 8.5 x 11, and folded them in half to make all the pages. Then we stacked those sheets with the folded edges along what would become the spine of the book.

We used a red file folder as the book cover — it had multiple creases along the fold, so you could expand how many papers it would hold in the file. We folded to the widest creases, and the “bottom” of the file became the book’s spine. Once a ruler is involved, my temples start to throb from all the pressure, so my friend Jaime measured how big the cover needed to be, then marked it off with a ruler and trimmed to order.

Bryan printed up the letters, also on white cardstock. Jaime and I cut out little templates of squares that would fit over the letters, traced a square around each letter, cut them out, and glued them in the page corners. You could easily just write the letters in by hand if you liked too, but I wanted a more polished look.

The binding was the tricky part. We tried hot gluing the pages in, but they weren’t stable enough, so Bryan took an electric drill and drilled holes in the cover, which I then threaded with ribbon. I wish we’d had some little grommets to finish the holes, but it looked pretty good, notwithstanding.

At the shower, while Alli opened the gifts, everyone took turns drawing pictures and writing messages to the new mom and baby.

I like party activities that let you interact without having to make a pregnant woman cry by guessing at the exact girth of her enormous belly. This one is a champ.

13 thoughts on “Baby Shower ABC Book: How To

  1. This is a great idea. I did something similar for homemade/recycled gifts for christmas. I used paper I was going to send to recycling and took everything out that had a blank side to it. Trimmed the paper into quarters, punched holes with a two hole filing punch and then made custom covers printing out suitable pictures for each person and decopaging them to cardboard (trimmed cereal boxes). I was going to use ribbon for the binding as well, but I found it difficult to turn the paper so I bought 2″ ring clips from an office supply store.


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  4. Опутеть как интересно, во задвигаете. Класс!


  5. Love the idea of having something the baby can look at through the years which is a visual record of those were there for them before they were born.


  6. I think this would also be a good activity for a wedding shower, same concept with a more grown up feel, and marriage advice like
    Y is for Your wife is always right. 🙂
    I love all the shower decor as well.


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