Alphabet Baby Shower

5th January 2009

My dear friend Alli is having a baby, so a few of us threw her an ABC baby shower. It was, of course, based on a theme I saw in Martha Stewart, whose empire has made it such that creative types need never again have an original idea.

If you have a shower to plan, here’s how it went:

I hung glittered letters over the dining room table. These are from the sign I got at the flea market a while back. If I were buying them especially for the party, I would have just gotten a bunch of As, Bs, and Cs.

We used blocks and vintage ABC books to decorate. These blocks are Hank’s and the book is a damaged version from a thrift store. I use it to “monogram” gifts and cards and such.

Alphabet Baby Shower How To | Mighty Girl

The door sign was a vintage baby sweater on a hanger. This would have been even cuter if I’d been able to track down a vintage baby hanger, but no luck, so I just bent a wire hanger in at the sides.

This is a detail of the sweater sign. Bryan hot glued the wooden blocks together with a piece of string glued between them. (Bryan hot glues things because it makes me hot and bothered. Note to entrepreneurial types: Hunks and Hot Glue site.) The string is looped over the neck of the hanger and hangs down through the sweater.

I used glass baby bottles as bud vases for the peonies. Cutesy genius, I tell you.

We had two relatively mellow games. This is one I saw and loved at another friend’s shower. It’s a handmade ABC book with blank pages. Guests drew in pictures for the letters to make an ABC book for the new baby. Putting it together was a little more complex than I expected (I’ll post a quick how-to soon), but you could easily buy a pretty book from a stationery store and draw the letters in by hand.

For the second game, we had everyone guess how many magnet letters were in the jar, and the winner got a little prize.

The embellishment on the prize package is from the old dictionary book pictured above, which I also used on the gift for the new baby:

I think it turned out pretty cute. And no one had to rub Vaseline on their nose, or sneak into the bathroom to dry heave after being made to sample a jar of pureed prunes. Bonus.

16 thoughts on “Alphabet Baby Shower

  1. Puanani

    Oh that Martha and her staff. They put is all to shame. Most of us are genius enough to go ahead and use her ideas, they usually are fabulous!

  2. brandi

    Or identify a candy bar that’s been melted into a diaper. That’s the worst.

    I love these ideas! The dictionary pages are especially cute.

  3. Rachel

    Wow there are some fabulous ideas here! Thanks tons for sharing, I’m working on links for a baby shower roundup this spring and this will definitely be there!

  4. baby blankets

    What an adorable theme for a baby shower! I actually just made an alphabet blanket as a gift since that was the theme for the nursery…Anyhow, you have a lot of great ideas- thank you!

  5. Rachel

    The picture of the dictionary made me so happy — that exact book was my absolute favorite when I was a child. Yes, I did turn into an English major.

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  7. amanda

    How wondrous. Another book could be “bathroom reading,” with little tips that no one ever shares like towels beneath new mom in bed for the decidedly ample and insubordinate postpartum breasts or a “screw the wipe warmer buy nice wine glasses” tip.

  8. emma james

    Okay, I’m in love with these ideas. It seems I am in the middle of procreation madness of late, and I usually dread going to baby showers and/or having to host them (though I’ll never reveal that to my girlfriends, never fear)… and now I don’t have to dread them! I may just adopt every single one of these ideas for the next shower I have to help organize. You are helping me stay on my friends’ good sides. Whoo!

  9. Baby Shower

    Few things are looked forward to with such anticipation as the birth of a new baby. What a great time for friends and family to celebrate the mom-to-be and the arrival of a new little being!


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