Wardrobe Remix

2nd January 2009

These are my pink superhero boots, which go with nothing. Nothing, I tell you! But do you see how they make me feel? They make me feel like copping a sexy attitude while posing alone in my living room. So imagine how good they’d be if I were dancing on a bar, my friends.

On a side note, this outfit was $32, if you don’t count the shoes. If you do count the shoes, it was $112. I am a shopping genius.

Anyway, what are you up to? Let’s go dance on a bar.

41 thoughts on “Wardrobe Remix

  1. Barchbo

    What do you mean they don’t go with anything?! Boots that make you feel like a superhero go with everything! Bonus: look how the pink in your boots picks up the pink in your scarf – genius!

  2. Jen

    You know, with candy pink boots, I don’t think you actually want them to “go with” anything. It’s way better just the way you’re wearing there.

  3. Faith

    I absolutely love this post. You just totally made my day with the pink boots. However, my 9 year old wants the sexy pink boots. EEK! LOL

  4. Stephanie

    Love them. Another option: if they “go with nothing”…then wear them with nothing else! Meow!

  5. Josie M.

    Your site always amazes me…it is as kick-ass as your superhero boots. They will match anything, by the way, they just need other superhero accessories – bangle bracelet? chunky necklace, perhaps?

    Wishing you health, happiness and many new adventures for the new year,

  6. Hecticmom

    OMG! I have boots just like that but they are suade and have heels. I love them love them love them. But, you are right – they go with NOTHING! However, I have to hide them or my friends will steal them from me.

  7. amanda

    I wish that in the way there is such a thing as “casual Friday,” there were also a day devoted to wearing the stuff you love that goes with NOTHING! It would be spectacular.

  8. Carol

    I got Crocs boots for Christmas from my mom. Not so good for dancing on bars, but I might be able to shake my parka atop an igloo in ’em.

  9. emma james

    I absolutely agree with the aboves – what’s wrong with wearing them with what you have on – it’s all about subtle use of color: boots & scarf – it obviously comes so naturally to you, you don’t even see your own brilliance! rock on.

  10. jif

    With very few exceptions you are always striking some random unnatural pose in the photos on this website. I have often been tempted to meet you in person just to see what you normally look like.

    Having said that, I agree with all the comments that you boots are fab and, with your fashion chutzpah, can be made to go with pretty much anything.

  11. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    You look wonderful in the boots and they would go with a Grey skirt and pink blouse or sweater..

    Think a 62 year old gram ma could wear those and dance on the bar? I fear we’d clear the place..someone would yell fire get out fast..but how fun would that be?

    Dorothy from grammology

  12. mari krueger

    hey!! I have those boots in ‘nickel’ from aerosoles, where they were on sale for $30 ($180 originally!) I call them my space boots and I LOVE THEM!! They have not been on a bar, but they have been shopping in Tokyo :)

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