Feliz Año

1st January 2009

We’re officially in Mexico by now, where I don’t have Internet access, and I anticipate it will be like losing a limb. Every once in awhile I’ll get a phantom itch where Post Secret used to be.

I’ve prepped a few posts that will publish while we’re away. In the meantime, the weather’s great, wish you were here, and so forth.

6 thoughts on “Feliz Año

  1. Emma

    Hey Maggie, not to, um, be an a-hole, but your title there translates to “Happy Anus.” It’s too bad that there is such a fine line between “year” and “anus,” but there is. The squiggly tilde over the n makes all the difference! /end Smitty lecture, enjoy your time in Mexico!

  2. Mau

    Feliz Año!!!!!!!

    There, that’s what Maggie really meant to say.

    Or did she? :)

    Maggie. If you cannot get a hold of the ñ, encode it as ñ

    Have an awesome time in Mexico.

  3. Mau

    And of course the comments encoded it. I meant to type &-ntilde-; without the dashes.

    I’ll shut up now. Dos cervezas por favor.

  4. Meg

    I was just going to say Happy New Year, but the comments are pretty hilarious. I don’t speak spanish so I didn’t pick it up myself, but. Swell. :)

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