12 thoughts on “Was it the baby, or the fries?

  1. cartoongoddess

    Thanks for sharing that.

    It took me a long time to lose the baby weight, despite breastfeeding, exercising and frankly, just being too anxious to eat. I still don’t weigh what I did pre-baby, but over the years, I’ve come to to think that 110 lbs. is an unrealistic weight for an average height, 40-something woman. Besides, size 4 from 10 years ago is not the same as size 4 now.

  2. Nichole

    I love, love, love these little “momversations.”

    I gained 40-some pounds with my first pregnancy, and I’d lost most of it by the time I got pregnant again. I only gained about 20 pounds with the second one, and that was gone within three weeks. I’m pretty sure I stressed it away.

    I’ve gained 10 pounds since having that second baby. And now I’m working on getting rid of that again.

  3. cheryl

    I got sick shortly after my youngest son was born, and was *below* my pre-baby weight two weeks after his birth.

    I was also unhealthy looking and not so happy. 19 months later…and I’m well above that weight. And oddly okay with it.

    I thought I’d hate that “momversations” site, but it’s very watchable. Lookig forward to the next installment…

  4. capello

    i gained 80 pounds breastfeeding my first, oh my hell. i was so glad to get him off the boob and lose it. yes, i lost that 80 but i didn’t lose the 50 i gained with him because i got pregnant again — luckily, all that is gone and now i’m dealing with my high school fat.

  5. carrie

    what’s really bad is telling people that i have some baby weight to lose and they ask how old my kid is and i tell them i don’t have one. :)

  6. Emilou

    Oh ladies. I don’t have babies. I do have serious body image issues after being raised by a mom who 26 years later is still telling me how her body was so warped by carrying two children that she loathes seeing herself naked in the shower. Upside- I’m a nurse now. I deliver babies. I professionally deal with pregnant, laboring, delivering and postpartum women. I belong to professional organizations who pay people to do actual medical research on the topic of baby weight gain. Here’s what that research says and here is what dealing with all these baby-weighted women full time tells me- THERE IS NO NORMAL. Breast feeding burns up the equivalent of a couple chocolate chip cookies a day, heaven knows that some of us can literally eat two cookies and watch our butts get bigger and some of us can eat two dozen cookies and still be in our skinny jeans. There is no time frame. There is no honest to God magic number. Be healthy. Love your children the best you can every day. Try to realize that your healthy body and healthy child are gifts. Try harder to make that realization every day; harder than you are trying to belittle yourself back into the jeans you wore before you were pregnant.

  7. Sara

    So perfectly timely – this momversation. I’ve been “self-flagellating” for weeks now about my weight, and my baby is now almost 17 months old. Until I got to the part at the end of the video when you, Miss Maggie, said that this wasn’t productive. You’re right. It isn’t. We’re having a great time otherwise.
    I’m going to give myself a break.

  8. embee

    Well played Ms. Mason… I was SO waiting for the bikini dance but half way through I thought to myself, “Wait, I’ve watched these ‘Momversations’ before and none of the principals show much more than their faces and maybe a little shoulder.” I know, I know, we’re here for the ‘Momversation’ and witty repartee. It’s not a medium for comparing stomach girth.

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