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  1. Jan

    But what about his health? His nutrition? His protein? His balanced meals?

    I hope you could hear the escalating sarcasm there because what I really mean is, Bonus Points for Mighty Mom!! There’ll be plenty of days for eggs, cereal, etc.

    And if he grows up not liking breakfast food, so what — I hate to eat when I first get up but my mom insisted I eat SOMEthing before school so it was often a bowl or soup or a Carnation Instant Breakfast. And look how I turned out!

    OK, maybe I didn’t turn out THAT great but whatever failings I have are not the fault of my breakfasts as a child. Popcorn breakfast rules!

  2. Sarah

    I’ve never commented before, but I just really loved this post. I have a 6 month old boy, my first, and, while always wonderful, he’s starting to be so much FUN. Can’t wait until we can make popcorn for breakfast one morning. . .

  3. Robert Stockham

    You are so cool. I think that were I to be a mother, I would be just like you. Of course I would have to be more of a woman than I am now…Not really worth it…I like my little buddy to much

  4. Anna

    Too cute. I have a lot of those days where my son just wants to eat one thing for a meal. Luckily for me, one of his favorites for breakfast is oatmeal and yogurt.

    But how can you resist that face? You just can’t.

  5. Puanani

    One night, when I was going to school and working long hours at a Thai place, I brought home tons of take-out. I picked the kids up from the baby sitter late at night, we sat in front of our tiny television and ate Thai food, coconut ice cream and fried bananas late into the night. They were giddy over the fact, that one: they were allowed to watch television when they should have been sleeping and two: they were allowed to eat ice cream at 11:30 at night. I don’t remember the movie, but we all remember the night we stayed up late eating and giggling. Yea for midnight Thai take-out and early morning popcorn!

  6. Inki

    Wow, he’s getting so big! And he’s so adorable in the footsie pajamas! Must put them on the Christmas list for my little girl… :-)

  7. Jemaleddin

    If he could have figured out how to keep it fresh in a box, Kellogg would have been shipping popcorn and not had to invent corn flakes. Seriously. Try it with milk.

    (I watch way too much Good Eats.)

  8. juliloquy

    We often do cheesy popcorn as a morning trolley-commute snack. It’s nutritionally not any different from buttered grits, so why not? (My husband says I can rationalize anything.)

  9. Jenn

    You know popcorn is just a gateway food, next thing you know Hank will be wanting kettlecorn for b-fast! What then Maggie????


  10. elayne

    IIRC, popcorn was a fairly standard breakfast food for early (pre-“America”) Americans, served in a bowl with cream similar to how we do cereal with milk.

    My brother had a fascination with popcorn when he was in elementary school, and we had all kinds of “popcorn facts!” books around the place. I remember the oddest things about popcorn…

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  12. Rachel

    Way to make memories! We would all be better off if we just let loose and did the equivalent of eating popcorn for breakfast once in a while!

  13. Rachel

    Way to make memories! We would all be better off if we just let loose and did the equivalent of eating popcorn for breakfast once in a while!

  14. Becky

    At times toddlers can be so complicated, and then there are days where it’s just so simple: popcorn. I love it!

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  16. Assertagirl

    It doesn’t seem possible that Hank is already such a big boy! The first post I read on your site was about a peaceful late-night pregnant soak in the tub. And now look at him! Beautiful boy.

  17. jason

    Serious-like…do those jammies come in adult sizes? I would wear them to WORK.

    Probably not, so I’ll ask (with no jealousy, of course), where I could find them for my 6 m.o. son?

    Asserta above mentioned time going fast…to think mightygirl was the first blog I ever read, which I found because somebody posted a missing connections for Maggie on CL. That’s when that section of CL was socially relevant, folks. PreTweet.

    Welcome to the world of blogs…flash forward 9 (?) years and I’m inquiring about her son’s pajamas.


  18. Jessica

    My girl and I do things like that as often as we can. People think the kids are the lucky ones, but really it’s us, the parents who are the lucky ones.

  19. gillthebean

    Fabulous pajamas. And I wholeheartedly agree with the Popcorn-for-breakfast Club. It is a cereal! :) (I also just had some for lunch today…)

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