9th October 2008

I attended a gun-range bachelorette last night.

This is me shooting a gun. The leather jacket does enhance my badassery, but I was wearing it because the range was about as temperate as a walk-in freezer. (Is this a thing? Are all gun ranges arctic-expedition cold? And if so, why?)

Jaime’s getting married Saturday, and this was our most compelling celebratory idea. It turns out she’s a hell of a shot, which surprised no one. Jaime is the first person to whom I would hand the weapon if I found myself stranded on an island. An island with a weapon. And Jaime’s there too for some reason.

Point of interest: In the above snapshot there are three of us, at a gun range, posing for a photo. You may be asking yourself, Why doesn’t that photo look more like this?

Good point, my friend. Unfortunately, despite multiple requests, I was unable to muster any finger-gun irony in the face of actual guns.

I pretty much nailed the vaguely apprehensive pose though:

The apprehension is because of an early run-in with a hot bullet casing. The first time I fired my gun, the casing flew behind my safety goggles, behind my glasses, and landed on my eyelid.


I refrained from flinching and flailing, because I had a loaded gun in my hands, but I did set the gun down and curse profusely, which startled my heavily tattooed instructor.

Because a few of us have Vice Presidential aspirations, the gentlemen at Jackson Arms allowed us to pose with some of the enormous, phallic weaponry available for sale.

Apparently they get a lot of bear hunters in there.

In conclusion, this is how Jaime’s sister stands when she shoots in heels:

Male readers? You’re welcome.

30 thoughts on “THE GUN AND DOLL SHOW

  1. Tami in NY

    I wasn’t going to put this in here but if I go to any of your menu links at the top of the page I get a “yikes the page you are looking for…”

    But honestly what an incredibly original and fabulous idea for a bachlorette party. The drinks must come afterwards and never before. I’ll make sure I pass that wisdom along to my daughter.

  2. Amanda

    I AM SO WITH YOU – I had a hot .22 casing fall behind my goggles and get stuck on my CHEEK the other day when I went shooting with my boss. I also cursed profusely.

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    This *almost* makes me get over my aversion to guns. That first pic of you is just stellar.

    And for the record, I wipe the floor with any of the Wii shooting games.

    And nice stealth use of “my friend” there.

  4. jill

    I’m really sorry about your eye, but your tiny waist in that leather jacket should make up for that. Dang, you look hot!

    What a fun and unique evening…

  5. Evolving

    This is so creepy I could not even read the post. I just came down her to post a comment on how creepy it is.

    I’m currently in France and when I tell people I’m from Texas they often ask if I had a gun in my car or something equally absurd. This is totally why!


  6. Jan

    This is probably the best idea I’ve ever heard for a bachelorette party!

    I used to love to shoot, but after I left the job in which it was a requirement, I found that it was too expensive for me to continue as a hobby. Alas.

    Anyway, kudos for coming up with one of the best parties ever, which was obviously a success by anyone’s standards!

  7. Amanda

    Wow! I definitely know what kinda bacholertte party I’m having now! Also, I must say that you’re looking fantastic. Look at that tiny waist in your jacket!

  8. steph

    ooooh – Dirteh Maggeh! I love it. I hope they let you shoot some big guns, like a 45. BOOM.

    Totally loving the photobombers in the group shot, too. haha!

  9. Melissa

    Yowza! A friend took me to the range on what he dubbed “Take Your Midwife Shooting Day”. It was more fun than I expected. Alas, I had neither heels nor leather jacket. Definitely a great girls night out idea.

  10. Patty

    Sorry to dissent, but I think this is awful. Guns aren’t cool, it’s not cute, and think about all the money you just made for ammunition makers and then think about who their lobbyists are and all the money that they put behind making sure the assault weapons ban expired. Gross.

  11. M. Philbrick

    I’m proud of you guys for doing something different and bucking the status quo. Like any dangerous piece of machinery, safety with firearms is about education, experience and responsibility and there is nothing wrong with this as a social or practical activity. I was the best man for a wedding a little over a year ago and guess what we did for his bachelor party…

  12. Amber

    That looks like it was a lot of fun! Totally non-traditional and FUN!

    PS: It totally caught my hubby’s attention. You’ve got a new reader!

  13. The Scarlet Pervygirl

    Really? I thought it was shooting people that wasn’t cool, not guns. Guns per se are really ingeniously designed little machines. Perhaps if you used your index finger to turn the pages of a book about them instead of wagging it at things you don’t approve of, you would also discover that handgun ammunition is very cheap. Lay off the lecturing.

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