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  2. mamie

    that was a really great article. we live outside of l.a. and when we started looking for a home my parents offered their home to us. conditions: they and my younger siblings came along with the house. it has great space, a small mortgage and built in babysitters for my twins. the shared space allows us all to work less, stress less and we have escaped the scary homeowner situations that are emerging all over this area.

    i think it is different than we thought…but then i think our future in this country is going to look a lot different in the next few years.

    oh, the bachelorette party was cool in a very intimidating kind of way. great pictures.

  3. Sarah

    What an interesting article. It’s a good reminder that there is another way to live other than “bigger, bigger, bigger.” My husband and I live in a small town and can therefore afford to rent a large 3 BR house with tons of space, but as Spandrel Studios mentioned in their comment, it can be a challenge to remain uncluttered with so much space. (Especially after you’ve just gotten married and accumulated a lot of registry gifts :) )

    Thanks for the article, Maggie – a lovely inspiration to continue my task of ruthlessly weeding out our house!

  4. beyond

    i live in a very small manhattan space, no children yet, but this article makes it seem more possible.
    i were reading the article in the nytimes and i exclaimed to my husband “oh i know them!” the internet is a strange and wonderful place…

  5. Maren

    This is a comment on the article, not your involvement in it (also, I love your design aesthetic), and I realize that the writer used your quotes and other information to express her POV, which may not be yours, but the article made me uncomfortable. I know that it’s a struggle to live in a good urban environment where real estate is staggeringly overpriced, and also that this is a lifestyle piece, but I couldn’t help thinking about the families in other parts of the city who have no choice but to live in very small apartments. The quote from the other woman who stayed awake at night pondering furniture arrangements especially struck a chord with me, as I wondered about what those other families worry about when they’re lying awake at night.

    Again, I know you were just part of a larger article and your story was used to fit it, so I’m in no way judging your life (and I don’t know all the issues you face); I’m just uncomfortable with the tone and focus of the article, particularly when reference is made to “white, non-Hispanic” professionals, rather than urban professionals in general. It isn’t that every individual’s problems aren’t legitimate, but I felt that there was another aspect of the housing crunch that was being ignored without the author even realizing it.

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  7. Pandechion

    I was skimming the Times and saw that the family in the article had a kid named Hank and thought, Wow, that’s a popular name right now, what with Maggie and Brian and now…these… Oh.

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  9. HRJ

    Your living space is beautiful :). Looks so airy and gorgeously retro with a very hip edge.

    (Such a shame they used an “i” instead of the “y” though!)

  10. stacy

    I’m more than thrilled to see that one of my tails has landed in such a happy, beautiful home. How cool it is to see it in the NYT!!! :)

  11. jill

    great mention! We have our one-year old sleeping in a closet in a one-bedroom SF apt. So far it’s worked out.

  12. Giyen

    I love it. It’s sometimes hard to appreciate what you have when so many people live in McMansions. This definitely inspires me to redecorate our small house.

  13. Brent@FUELcreativegroup

    I like how Hank is protected from the notoriety of superstardom by his anonymity. The back of his head is cute!

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