Chances? One in 85, baby.

8th October 2008

Entries are closed for the Intel competition, but you can still vote for your favorites. Here are a few of mine:

– The New York Neo-Futurists entered! Hello, lovers.

Panchajany, a high school student who shares a room with her single mom.

Christina, a photography student who has to go across town to download her photos (taken on a borrowed camera).

Cathy Yuen, a teacher at an inner city school with a simple request for her students.

– Mother Andi Stern, a talented quilter, whose son takes online classes on a dial-up connection.

– A sheep farmer who sells shares in her wool online.

I’m increasingly excited about this. Please go vote for your favorites!

10 thoughts on “Chances? One in 85, baby.

  1. Laura

    Ooo Ooo Ooo I’m Christina’s partner who nominated her…Thanks for highlighting her!! *Keeping my fingers crossed for her*

  2. Susan

    Wow! Thanks for mentioning my entry, Maggie. I read you everyday and it was surreal to see a reference to me on your blog! And thanks for letting me know about the contest in the first place.

  3. cjh

    Nothing about The Brother? I should have gushed more about his wonderfulness instead of just stating the facts. And included pictures of ridiculously cute sheep.

  4. Diane

    I know Panchajany and her mom, her mom is being modest in describing how great Panchy is. This is the real deal. Thanks for highlighting her.

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