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11th August 2008

The last of my forays into the Flickr “stupid” tag. Though, in all honesty, we could go on like this for weeks.

Diving into a pile of wet garbage.

Stretching out beneath the icicles.

Leaping over the crotch-high pole.

Getting that tattoo.

Pissing off the PTA. (The comments on this are golden.)

Skateboard on a slide.

Shirtless paintball.

Belly flopping into a kiddie pool.

28 thoughts on “Young and Foolish on Flickr

  1. Elise

    re: the tattoo – I’ve seen MUCH worse. And the kid on the PTA one reminds me of Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts… hmm.

  2. Steph

    Oh you were so not joking about the commenters re: the “Pissing off the PTA” photo. I am picturing said commenters sex lives and it involves sex through holes in sheets.

    P.S. – I saw you at your husband’s Start conference last week, you are such pretty woman! I would have said hello but you looked terribly busy and I didn’t want to interrupt.

    P.P.S. – Tell your husband the conference was wonderful. I look forward to the next one.

  3. Sara

    The paintball one actually looks like the guy went without armour… It’s not uncommon to walk away from paintball games looking something like that.

  4. maggie ann.

    Good, i’m glad that i am not the only person who thought that the comments on the “PTA” photo were absurd. I agree with Steph, those folks prolly have a closed sheet policy (and lights off) regarding s-e-x. BLAH.
    I can’t believe they want to report that…

  5. A

    the tattoo – not so horrible.
    the kid on the bus – PRICELESS. those comments are more hilarious than the picture! (just imagining actually sending this photo to that kids mom!)

  6. Jen

    In college I accompanied someone to get a tatoo just like that one – apparently it had something to do w/ Jimmy Buffet.

  7. auntjone

    First, that kid on the bus HAS to be in jr. high at least. I highly doubt he is younger than that based solely on his looks.

    Second, if he is a grade schooler, he has NO FREAKIN’ CLUE what that gesture means. It is a clear sign that his parents have let the child watch too much Skin-a-max regardless of his age.

    Third, the commenters need to unclench. The bus was where kids in my area got a whole other kind of education. If he didn’t learn it on cable tv he learned on the bus. Trust me.

    Lastly, it is disturbing that he made the gesture AFTER the camera came out, but why was the person in the car taking a pic of a random kid making faces? Was he hurting her feelings??? Get over yourself.

  8. Tsk

    Everybody’s got a blog and they put their lives on line. Pictures of themselves, their kids, that’s a personal decision.

    You take a picture of a kid that you don’t know. He’s being a jerk. Who hasn’t? Who’s kid hasn’t? Who’s kid won’t? Does it make him a bad kid. Does he know what it really means? Who knows.

    Now a high profile blogger links to the picture and this minor child in a moment of bad judgment is being exposed to a much wider audience. No one else has a problem with the ethics here?

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