8 Youths Who Require Closer Supervision, on Flickr

Most of these photo stunts involve fire or bikes and, in one notable instance, both. Kids! I’m surprised any of us survived.

8. Jumping from the top of a waterfall. With shoes on?

7. Photographing an alligator from a few feet away.

6. Jumping fire on your bike.

5. Riding your bike on old roller coaster tracks. (This one is incredible to me. Anyone know if this is photoshopped or something? Update: Indeed it is. Thanks Jenn!)

4. Binding your pal’s hands and feet with shoelaces and then pushing him into the water. Back story is below the photo and other photos in the stream tell more.

3. Making a flame thrower for your dorm room.

2. Biking in swift currents.

1. Pouring petrol on your back and lighting it.

Tune in tomorrow for some slightly more harmless lapses in judgement.

30 thoughts on “8 Youths Who Require Closer Supervision, on Flickr

  1. Hate to admit it but #1 been there done that only we used lighter fluid.

    I think #5 must be fake though. That kid is the wrong age and dare I say it the wrong gender for that kind of dare devilry.


  2. I think #5 is Photoshopped b.c of the girl’s shadows compared to the roller coaster’s shadows (as well as the April Fool’s date).

    And in defense of the kids in #7, there’s a state park near Houston with lots of alligators and it’s kind of boring- they just sit there and don’t even blink as you walk past. It doesn’t feel dangerous at all. No lie.


  3. You leave your shoes on when jumping from height so you don’t break blood vessels in your feet when you hit (and in case you have to walk out over rocks).

    You can tell you are falling a long way when you have to stop screaming and catch your breath and then scream again before you hit the water.


  4. Seven reminds me of something I saw years ago: We were canoeing in the Everglades, and the water around us was filled with alligators. We were near a dock that stood about six feet above the water. Next to the dock there was a boat ramp that sloped down into the water. There was a guy standing on the dock, fishing. The guy he hooked a fish and began reeling it in. The fish was flopping on the surface. Suddenly one of the alligators thought he saw lunch and broke away from the others and began to chase the flopping fish.

    The guy on the dock reeled faster and faster. The alligator picked up speed and was closing the distance to the fish. The guy on the dock became more frantic, hopping up and down in anxiety as he reeled as fast as he could. The alligator got closer. Then the guy on the dock lost all self-control and, to the horror of my brother and me, jumped off the safety of the six-foot-high dock and onto the sloping boat ramp. He stood right at the edge of the water, reeling in his fish, as the alligator swam straight at him at top speed.

    You probably know this, but alligators are fast on land, too — they can outrun a horse for a short distance. We could see how this could end very, very badly for this guy. We couldn’t look away.

    But when the alligator was about ten feet from the guy he swerved and returned to the deep water, and the guy had his fish.


  5. Oh dear Lord, protect us please. My boys are 5 and 7. (Need I say more? No.)

    The roller coaster fauxto could possibly give me nightmares. Press play in your brain – there’s no redeeming that situation.


  6. #7 also reminds me of when I was on a tourboat in the everglades (swampish area with alligators) and there were people with a 2 year old girl. They picked her up and leaned her whole little tasty dinner-sized body out of the boat so that she could see the big mama alligator better. OMG, I am so glad big mama alligator wasn’t hungry at that moment, for she did not even snap at the kid. I hope that girl is still okay.


  7. and to gs @ #12–why do people act so stupid in a crisis? Leave the damn fish and the line if you have to! OMG.
    (But, this is coming from the woman who was the girl who got flung off of a merry go round and subsequently hung on to it and got dragged around in circles on the ground a few times before she realized she could let go, and then rolled down a hill with the momentum.)


  8. Hi Amanda, I guess I said it because that’s the word the guy used in his photo caption. Words tend to stick in my brain like that, so I just typed it as a synonym without thinking. Also, I’m an arrogant jackass who chews on a pipe and mentally affects a British accent while she types. Cheerio!


  9. You leave your shoes on to protect your piggies. Toes spread out and get torqued in all different directions if you jump without shoes from too high up. I never broke a blood vessel w/o shoes but I have hurt my toes.


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