Mighty Life List: Haus Party

23rd July 2008

On Saturday night during Blogher we threw a launch party for Mighty Haus, and it was dreamy. It was my first launch party, so I was apprehensive — but Bryan insisted, and it turns out he’s always right about these things. (Good job, husband.)

We had orange food, key necklaces for guests, and Krispy Kremes to take home. Plus! There was much tipsy dancing, which is my very favorite thing to do.

Above, you’ll find photos of the party details, but the rest of the photos are here. (If you were there, please tag your photos mightyhaus, so everyone can see them here.)

Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to our sponsors:

GuS, Grown Up Sodas

Hess and Artezin Wines

Hint Water

Middle Sister Wines

Mighty Leaf Teas

These folks gave us a bunch of free stuff, thereby enabling us to serve more than tap water and Saltines, which would not have been as festive. Hooray, sponsors!

Launching Mighty Haus means one more item crossed off my Mighty Life list. If they have Blogher in San Francisco next year, we’ll have to get together to blow bubbles off the Golden Gate Bridge. I hope you’re in.

83 thoughts on “Mighty Life List: Haus Party

  1. Jennifer

    Maggie, you are the real deal, and a true inspiration. Congrats on the launch, but mostly, congrats for grabbing all the gusto life has to offers. I’d like mightily to be like you when I grow up, even if I am at least a good decade older.

  2. Cathy C

    Congrats on a killer launch party – I hope to make it to the conference next year. You really are an inspiration and the Girls from Wheresmydamnanswer.com will be “MIGHTY” one day thanks to people like you who challenge us to be better and strive for more.


    PS one thing on your list I did a couple summers ago was a Safari in Africa – no words can describe how amazing and magical the experience was.

  3. ali

    crashed your party. was LOVELY. i had a great time. also? you had Reese’s pieces!! that pretty made the entire conference for me.

  4. laura

    i would so want to come blow bubbles with you!

    and i’m all about voting for SF again. it was a very nice break from the sweltering kansas heat, even though i had very little opportunity to see the city (must! come! back!) and my crazy roommate kept turning the room thermostat up to 80 degrees (what the hell?).

  5. Stella

    This is amazing, but you’re making the fact that I live in Puerto Rico even -more- depressing. Nonetheless, you are an inspiration to get off my butt and do something.

    And, your apartment? It is made of awesome.

  6. superblondgirl

    That party looks like so much fun – who doesn’t love orange food?? And you got great beverage sponsors, too. I so want to go next year and blow bubbles.

  7. Elizabeth

    The orange snacks were perfect, and the Hint water with Lime was perfect for washing down my Excedrin Migraine the next morning :) I’m just sorry that I forgot to dump my camera card and didn’t have a backup, I only got a few photos. Tagged them with mightyhaus on Flickr.

  8. Kylee

    Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment to celebrate.
    Best wishes on everything!

  9. Mocha

    Is it possible to mix the bubble blowing with dancing or would that be too dangerous? Dancing is a MUST. It was fantastic to cut a rug with you.

    I just turned into my grandmother saying that. But hey! Granny probably couldn’t break it down like I can on the dance floor so there’s that.

    You were a JOY and highlight of my weekend.

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  11. amy

    you know what is cool. I had no idea about yr key motif and I came to yr party with a hundred year old key round my neck ( I wear it all the time -first home me and Joe renovated together and had our babies in) I felt too cool. It was perfect. Right down to my donut in the street! xo Thanks again!

  12. Nadine/Scarbiedoll

    Hey Maggie,

    Thanks so much for being such a gracious hostess and all round incredible person. More people should take a page from your fabulous book.

    I have been wearing my key, hoping to catch the eye of the 20-something fashionistas at my day job — the trendspotting site that pays my mortgage.

    I hope the Universe facilitates us crossing paths again in the future. If you are ever in Toronto, don’t hesitate to ask me for a dinner invite.

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