House Call

22nd July 2008

Have you ever wondered what our apartment looks like? Have you ever wondered what it looks like when I’ve spent a few days obsessively mopping and dusting with Q-tips, because I know the Internet is about to see it? Well then, head on over to Apartment Therapy San Francisco and have a look. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder where we put all the toys.

Between the Mighty Haus launch, the launch party, moderating a panel at Blogher, and attending the conference, I have lots and lots to tell you. It’s been a good week.

27 thoughts on “House Call

  1. A Cowboy's Wife

    I had a blast meeting you at the party and at the book signing! Our pictures turned out very nice:)

    Let me know if I can do anything for you with your launch, etc.

  2. evany

    The apartment looks spectacular! Would it be okay if I moved in? I could make you and Bryan Glass Houses every evening and tuck myself under Hank’s crib at night…?

  3. superblondgirl

    I am in love withe the color and the bubbles in the nursery – they are spectacularly gorgeous!! What a great room to wake up in. Your apartment is fantastic.

  4. Laurie

    You create such a beautiful environment for your family and friends…everything really does have meaning and a story. I really admire and am inspired by that.

  5. Ella

    They must invent a name for that disease where you tell everyone what you paid for an item after a compliment on it.

    I have it too. “nice dress…’
    “OH! H&M, $5”

    I even leave price tags on shirts I buy my husband at the Gap outlet so he can see what a victory my shopping day was…

  6. Spring

    Oh, Maggie. Seeing Bird by Bird on your nightstand just brought tears to my eyes. Changed my life, that book.

    What a lovely home. I just might steal your bookshelf idea. Bookshelves are something I always need more of, and those 3-footers are cheaper than others.

  7. Jennifluff

    I am amazed at how clutterless your place is considering you inspire others to buy “stuff” for a living! What restraint!

    Your style inspires me…I need more things with a story (other than, yeah, the cat really likes to sharpen his claws on that).

  8. Melis

    Mighty Girl you inspire me! I love your site, and the pics of your apartment are incredible!

    I am just a teeny tiny baby in the world of blogging, have only been doing this for a few months, but I must say, I love it. If you happen to visit my site, I would appreciate your input.

    You’re great! Rock on!

  9. elayne

    You know what would rock? If you set up a Mighty Redecorating site where people send in pictures of their problem rooms or areas and you offer suggestions (and products) based on your own impeccable sense of style. You could charge a certain amount per “makeover” and make a fortune in a month. And since I suggested it, I get mine for free, right?

    Dang. Well, it was worth a shot.

    Srsly. I wish I knew someone like you IRL. I have just moved into a house that has a couple of really awkwardly arranged rooms and I am good at copying ideas (like your tealights on the wall), but absolutely useless at innovating anything to solve my own decorating difficulties. My friends’ advice all boils down to “It looks fine how it is,” but I don’t WANT it “how it is.” Everything I do come up with involves spending several thousand dollars to tear down walls. Oh well.

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