Help? Part II

I posted a brief survey about possible new Mighty sites a while ago, and lots of you didn’t get a chance to see it. I’m sorry about that. I was kind of shocked by your eagerness to help, and the way you bowled over the little survey tool I hooked up.

Anyway, here’s the more detailed survey I promised, and you’re welcome to take it whether you took the last one or not. It has lots of questions about who you are (because we have a new advertising partner who needs to know), and the question about new sites is at the end. This questionnaire only lets you choose your top three ideas, because last time everyone wanted everything. You greedy little monkeys.

Thank you in advance if you take a minute to answer. I promise to stop underestimating your helpfulness in the future. Also to floss more and be a better citizen.

13 thoughts on “Help? Part II

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  2. Funny, I was just at FM this morning buying some ads when I saw the “Mighty Empire” sites listed. I even thought to myself, I thought she was with someone else…

    Good luck!


  3. I started to take your survey but I couldn’t complete it as one of the required questions is how do you take your paycheck. The only options are US dollars, Euros, Pounds or Canadian Dollars. I live in Australia and I take my paycheck in Australian Dollars. An Other option would have been nice.


  4. Glad to help! I’ve actually never commented on your site (I’m an evil evil lurker), but now that I’ve met you in person, I felt like I should throw in my two cents now and again (I’m the “Neuroscience Major” you were talking to in Vancouver – maybe I should study why some people have a kind of creepy propensity to lurk well beyond the normal time-frame?)

    Anyway it was SO much fun chatting with you and I hope I’ll have the chance again (:


  5. @Alibi:
    Up until now, I was a lurker here – why do you consider lurking to be creepy? Most people “lurk” – I suspect that the comments would be unwieldily verbose (and probably unreadable) if everyone chimed in.

    Frankly, I start to tune out once I’ve seen the fourth or fifth comment expressing essentially the same viewpoint.


  6. @John – I don’t really think it’s particularly creepy (creepy would be, as you say, if everyone jumped on every post). I’ve been a reader here for several years now, though, and until I met Maggie in person last week hadn’t exchanged so much as an electronic hello with her. In general, I think of it as an author/audience relationship – most people who read a book don’t immediately sit down pen a response to the author.

    Mostly, though, I was just joking because we chatted about how in neuroscience and psychology (perhaps in other fields as well?) people tend to study that which they lack. I often lack the will power to press Submit Comment, so maybe I should start there!!


  7. Same comment above about the Australian dollars one – but I cheated and put in US$ just to get the answers through. I don’t think you realised just how international your readership is!



  8. Riayn-
    I’m sure you could enter the equivalence to your income in Australian dollars (i.e. what would your income be in US dollars).
    That’s an idea?


  9. Erm, I was not restricted to three ideas, so I went with being a greedy little monkey again.

    But I’m a swinging through the trees kinda monkey, so it’s surely alright, right?


  10. Off topic: Where did you get that pink dress you wore with Heather on stage in Vancouver? I must have one!


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