A Brief Note About Pregnancy

29th May 2008

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So. Remember sixteen months ago when I was super, duper pregnant? Barely, right? It seems like a looong time ago. Especially when Hank strolls into the room and says something like, “Mummy, I have a few questions about the mortgage crisis.”

Well ladies, this is how long it took me to take off all the baby weight. Sixteen months. I did not wear my jeans out of the hospital, I did not lose the “fat face” the minute I gave birth, I was not able to eat whatever I wanted just because I was breast feeding, and I could not climb back on a tread mill right after Hank was born. I needed quite a while to heal.

Are you listening? Sixteen months. For me, that’s how long it took. Sixteen months and quite a bit of help from Weight Watchers online. It’s not true for everybody, but it is true for lots of folks. So put down the issue of People magazine, and turn away from all the moms on E! who got their bodies back a month later. If you’re feeling bummed about your gut, get yourself some flattering dresses, and give yourself a little time.

Good job making that baby, girl.

134 thoughts on “A Brief Note About Pregnancy

  1. Anne

    Can I tell you how amazing your post just made me feel? AH-MAY-ZING. I have a nine-month old and I was just crying this morning because my spring pants don’t fit yet.

    Yes, I was crying over capris.

    Anyway, Thanks.

  2. Christy

    You are so great! Today I am super frustrated about my post third baby body. My oldest turned 6 yrs old last week, I have a 3 yr. old and my youngest will be 9 months on the 1st of June. What a reality check! This just proves the awesomeness of the internet! Thanks for making my day. LOVE THE PICTURE!

  3. CArrie

    Sigh. Have not lost all the baby weight at 16 months. Was not as on the ball as you were, did not do Weight Watchers.

    Very proud of you, and inspired to attack that last five pounds. So I can start on the 10 that somehow crept onto me in the months just before I conceived.

  4. MontanaJen

    I’m making out with you in my brain.

    I’ve not been blessed with a full term baby (yet), but have myriad strong, beautiful women around me who need to hear these words.

    Absolutely – let’s hear it for reality.

    Speaking of which – any great suggestions for on-line (or widely available off-line) retailers with figure flattering wrap dresses, etc? I love your taste and am in a bit of a rut.

    Mighty Spring Shop, perhaps?

  5. daisy4given

    Thank you, thank you!! :)
    My son is four months old and I already feel like a failure for having not lost any weight yet…

  6. jessica

    FAB post, Maggie!!!!!! it took me almost 2 years to loose the weight I put on, but I did it. Of course, I’ve got some lines and rolls that won’t go away now, but I also have the most rocking baby girl on Earth. I beat myself up a lot the first year after her birth because of how I looked and how magazines showed other new moms looking – but then I stopped feelign sorry for myself, spent a little money on some clothes that made me feel liek ME again, and before I knew it I was feeling so much better about myself and eventually lost the last of the pregnancy weight. Listen to Maggie, Ladies – get yourself a few things that make you feel awesome and look even better – you won’t regret it.

  7. Maya

    I also have a 4 month son, and am at a point where I have to go out and buy some larger jeans because I didn’t loose the weight like I had hoped I would. I do fit in all my old clothes, but barely, and am constantly pulling at my shirts to try and hide the belly. I also feel bad that I would rather sleep in until 7 instead of working out in the mornings. Thank you for your post! It’s giving me patience and the knowledge that one day I can have my body back =)

  8. charlotte

    Oh no, say it isn’t so. You mean, I can’t look like Angelina 2 weeks post-partum (uh, what with her twins currently, I could probably look just like her, two weeks post my partum)?

    No, really. This whole weight-gain thing is freaking me out, and the thought of losing it after my easter bunny gets here? Very scary.

  9. Nichole

    Lady, I love you. I’ve been very, very down on myself lately on this very subject. Thank you.

    (ps – that’s a fabulous pregnancy picture.)

  10. Kara

    aaahh. It is SO awesome to know that someone is putting this kind of thing out there–someone who may not be a “celebrity mom” in the press, but who at least has lots of exposure and lots of people reading. Because I have a two-year-old, and for me it took 18 months. I had doctors tell me over and over that it can take women UP TO 2 years for their hormones to go back to how they were before pregnancy, which means it can take your body that long to be like it used to be (ish). Which felt extremely depressing, until I hit that 18 month point and suddenly my proportions were back to what they used to be. So nice to know this for next time, so that I won’t spend 18 months beating myself up. I’ll work hard, again, but I’ll have a little more peace of mind that it WILL come back.

  11. grace

    this post qualifies you for sainthood. kelly rippa crushed my self esteem in one of her manicured and impossibly skinny hands, and you have helped put another piece back into my elmer glued second attempt at self worth.

    (i’m on month 11 and just getting back to my “fat” jeans from my pre-pregnancy days.)

  12. jen

    Thank you. I needed to read that. So many women need to read that. I love my baby and I wouldn’t trade what she did to my body for anything. However, it gets really difficult to not beat myself up when I need to buy a new pair of pants and I have to search for a new style to disguise some of my new features.
    Once again, thank you.

  13. Melissa

    Seriously, THIS IS THE REASON THAT I READ BLOGS. Thank you so much for your honesty about this issue and most of all, for your ability to be human. I really appreciate that. It also makes me feel like I may someday be able to have children. Maybe.

  14. jenn

    Bless you, Maggie. I’m 8 months pregnant right now, and while I’ve got all these terrific pants with bands that fall below my belly, my butt is sad, flat and shapeless, and I can’t keep any of the “really, you’re not a sausage” pants up. With one more month to go, I’m just going to punt. That and covet your fine derriere.

  15. Merry Magpie

    That is why you have a huge fanbase:) You are awesome. Really!
    Now teach me how to get my kids to put the bleeping toys up when they are done..

  16. Harley

    I’m 34 weeks pregnant today and I can’t tell you how good that made me feel. I have the inverse problem as jenn – every calorie seems to be trying to offset my new balance problems by loading onto the back and knowing that my body will actually respond if I am not too lazy – even if it does take 16 months is a relief.

  17. Angella

    I’m new around these here parts – Hi!

    This is perfect. I have had three babies, and magazines make me furious. Everyone is different, and not everyone can pay people to make them skinny :)

  18. Thunder Mama

    THANK YOU! I’m SO tired of hearing from all the breastfeeding mothers who “the weight just falls off of.” I breastfed and had no such experience, with either child. It’s like my body held on to every fat cell that it could. Even since being done breastfeeding, it is a slow (glacial??) process.

  19. Steph

    Amen! I’m so sick to death of twig-looking actresses being applauded for taking off baby weight. As if all of us have personal chefs, loads of time and an army of personal trainers. Besides, what’s wrong with looking like you just had a baby when you just had a baby?

  20. Runner Susan

    Amen to that! I gained 125 pounds with my daughter and it took me 13 months to lose it. I was so naive that I actually brought my size 4 jeans with me to hospital to change into after the birth.

  21. zeghsy

    sixteen months! awesome. but… girl, that’s like no time at all. it took me SIX YEARS! and working for a cleaning agency where if i actually wanted to make money, i, LITERALLY, worked my ass off. no time for food, no money to stop and get anything, no energy left at the end of the day to make more than i would need to get me to the next day. you look fabulous though darling.

  22. stacy

    Thanks, I needed that.

    I have a just turned 3 month old and spent the afternoon at my neighborhood pool. (I was fully clothed, thank-you-very-much!) Sadly, my 3 month old is already wearing 6-9 month clothes, and everyone assumes he’s older. So… everyone assumes my spare baby flab is 3+ months older than it is too. Sigh…

  23. Moxie

    Oh crap. Zeghsy has me beat. I was all excited to comment about how it took me 4 years to get the weight off with my first child only to get pregnant 2 months later. Three children later and I bet my stomach has all of them beat. It’s disgusting. Not just stretch marks either. Stretch marks going both ways and lots of extra flappy skin. Ahhh…battle wounds of motherhood.


  24. jana

    My baby will be two in less than month, and I just lost the last of my baby weight. However, I finally lost it because I’m pregnant again and have the worst morning sickness, and can hardly keep anything down. So, a bit bittersweet, that. Hopefully I can enjoy a couple months of wearing my pre-baby clothes before I have to bust out my maternity stuff.

  25. Min

    Maggie, I love you forever for this post. I am still in the process of losing the weight.

    My mother in law wore her pre-pregnancy jeans out of the hospital and she never lets me forget it. Of course she is 13 inches taller than me, and had a baby that weighed two pounds less than mine, and only gained 15 pounds during pregnancy. Not that I am reminded of that at every opportunity.

    Rock on!

  26. Michelle

    Great post! And for the record, it took me less time because I turned out to be the amazing milk machine, but as soon as I quit nursing…it all came back in the form of an enormous muffin top. And this time, it’s going to take real effort in the form of self restraint and exercise before I can claim to have any kind of victory over the pregnancy poundage.

  27. cmb

    Your preggo photo makes me want to take some fabulous photos of my lovely fertile (albeit stretchmarked) belly and not worry about the fact that I’m 36 weeks pregnant and feel slightly larger than a beached whale. For me, the worst moment was realizing that, yes, I do in fact weigh more than my husband. And he’s a good five inches taller than me. Oh, and male. Right. It’s a good thing he’s both smart and loving, and keeps calling me “tiny,” or I might start slipping him real sugar and non-diet soda.

  28. Kim

    Thanks for the reality check. Nice to see that people that don’t have access to a personal trainer and an a dietician have much more realistic results. I have a 6 month old and now can fit back into my normal clothes but only due to a horrendous 3 day bout of gastroenteritis that ended me in emergency in the middle of the night because I was so dehydrated I couldn’t breastfeed! Congratulations on sticking at it and doing it the healthy way.

    P.S. Wash your hands EVERYTIME you get back to the car after being out in public. I got my case from the local supermarket checkout girl.

  29. Jennifluff

    I am glad a lot of people read your website. Everyone needs to hear this, as most of us don’t have the resources that all those women in the tabloids have, and if we did, we’d look like that too.

    Congratulations on losing the weight! And on getting your pre pregnancy wardrobe back! And on getting to buy a new wardrobe! You are an inspiration. It took me, well, I never lost all the weight from my first son, but I’m taking it a little more seriously the second time around. Only two pounds to go!

  30. anna

    Thank you for that. Just what I needed. I honestly didn’t bother after kiddo #1 because I knew we’d be having another. After kiddo #2 I worked my ASS off to lose the weight…and got preggo again. Needless to say that 14 months after kiddo #3, I still haven’t got down to my pre-pre-pre preggo weight, which in all honesty baffles me as I chase these kids around all day long!

  31. Laura

    Thanks. After only two and a half months since the birth of baby Gus, I’m struggling to figure out where my body went and how to get it back. It’s nice to hear that not everyone fits into those jeans right away.

  32. Lisa

    I so needed this today! Thank you so much.

    And congratulations to you for losing the weight.

    Now go have a piece of cheesecake for me.

  33. Poptart

    I thought for certain you were going to tell us you were pregnant again. Good for you for sticking it out and losing it. So many women don’t and gain with the next one and again. Congratulations girl!

  34. Dawn

    It’s so sweet of you to post this because I’m sure there are a lot of ladies out there feeling bad because they can’t lose the baby weight in one month like those idiotic celebrities can.

    I’m pregnant with my 2nd baby right now and I know that having two babies back-to-back means it’ll be all that much harder to lose weight and get back in shape. And that’s OK.

    And congrats to you on working hard and losing weight the healthy way.

  35. Kristin

    Amen to that sister! I am 15 months in and just now taking off the last little bit of weight, and it’s coming off only because of serious exercise and watching what I eat. Thank you so much for speaking for all of us women, a majority I think, who were not able to magically lose the weight immediately upon giving birth.

  36. Libby

    Get out of my head!!!

    Just had my 2nd baby 6 months ago. Aside from the day the kid came into this world, I have lost 1 (one) pound since. I am trying not to give up and this was just the thing I needed to hear right now.

    FYI, your body does not take into consideration that you still have 10 lbs left from the first baby. Your body will go right ahead and plop another 10 right on top.

  37. Sunny

    16 months is not a long time.If only we could all have personal trainers,home gyms,personal chefs,and our own lap pool, then we could loose our baby fat like movie stars.

  38. Sarah

    Thank you for that dose of reality! I am so sick of hearing “nine months up, nine months down” I am about to scream. Plus my little guy is eight months today and I’m still many pounds (and a few shape-shifts) away from anything remotely resembling my pre-pregnancy body.

    You have *always* looked lovely, by the way.

  39. Stephanie

    Hell yes. 13 months postpartum with 5 pounds to go, although I know my body will never look the same. No worries, I wasn’t that sold on the original model.

  40. Bertha

    Thank you! My daughter is also 16 months old and while I’m back to my pre-pregnancy WEIGHT, I am NOT back to my pre-pregnancy SHAPE. Not that I had a super body pre-pregnancy, but nothing fits the way it used to, even though my actual weight is the same. Everything seems to have…shifted around, or something. It kind of sucks. Good thing she’s worth it.

  41. Swampwitch

    Marcie says you taste like s’mores, so I flew over to find out if it’s true. I scratched and sniffed my computer screen and only ended up with smudges on it. I resemble the “shape” in your photo but don’t have an excuse for it.
    Think I’ll just go eat a box of s’mores.

  42. Sarah

    What a fabulous photo. I hope you have that framed and hanging on a wall somewhere in your home!

  43. Nicole

    Thank you! Had my baby less than two weeks ago and already wondering when I will be able to fit into my old jeans. Crazy right? Especially after a c-section. Thanks for the reality check.

  44. Anna

    Maggie, thanks so much for sharing that. I have a 9-month old and have been getting down on myself for not losing any weight yet (NOT ONE POUND!).

    The reality check is nice. I think I’ll box the maternity tops tomorrow and get something big enough to fit my breastfeeding boobs.

  45. Michelle

    Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I had twins in November (2 1/2 mos. early… after 10 weeks bed rest… oh and it was a c-section). My body is not the same. I was really getting down about it. My massage therapist said to me today, “Hey, two humans came out of you. Give it some time.” And then… AND THEN… your marvelous post. Time to get real.
    Thank you!!

  46. Stacy

    OK, this is me delurking to say, you are awesome. That photo is just so incredibly beautiful, and I wish more women could just chill right on out about any weight they gained whilst cooking a baby. New moms of the world, hear me! You just made a baby! In your body! That’s friggin’ amazing. Spend some time staring at your baby’s face whilst relaxing on the couch why doncha?!? You have most certainly earned it.

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  48. Wendy

    Thank you thank you thank you! My youngest is almost 3 months, and I have been feeling horribly guilty about still wearing all my elastic-waisted pants.

    My sister is headed down this weekend with some pieces for my “transitional wardrobe.”

  49. Heather

    Thank you! I’m expecting a baby in November, and expecting that I will need another two years to get rid of the weight.

  50. Amy

    Thank you! Thank you! I am due with my second a week from Sunday and have been lying awake at night worrying about my post baby body. I needed a slap of reality to chill the F out already. You’re my hero.

  51. Karli

    I think it must be a hormonal thing. With my son, it wasn’t until he was nearly one that the weight started to come off. With my daughter, who is now nearly 6 months, it has yet to come off as well. Slowly but surely. I still have 10lbs. to go.

  52. Mari

    I’m not pregnant nor have I ever been, but I loved this post! Heather is wonderful, of course, but sometimes I have to secretly curse her ectomorph body type and her skinny genes. I’m glad to hear WW worked for you (you look great in all your latest photos). I just signed up for the online version and I’m hoping it will work for me, too. You rock Maggie Mason.

  53. Jamey

    This post made me so happy! I know it’s going to be awhile before I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but in the meantime, it’s an excuse to buy new cute clothes! Yay for shopping!

  54. sabrina

    thank you. because i am still working on mine and she is 13 months. thank you, thank you, thank you for that post. i almost cried from releif that i was not the only one.

  55. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

    You go girl!

    That’s an amazing pg picture. And for the record, when I saw you at the meet and greet, I wouldn’t have even thought you’d ever had a baby. You looked slim, trim and gorgeous!

  56. Kristi Dorson

    Thank you for posting this! We all need it. I was ten pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight with my first when I got pregnant with my second. She is now 19 months old and I’m still struggling; I’ve yo-yo’d several times and though I’m now ten pounds down from my highest weight, I’m still almost as big as I was when I delivered her. But I keep changing my habits every day, I keep making progress, and I refuse to let myself be discouraged.

    More of us need to encourage each other and stop putting each other down for not getting the weight off and [insert most anything you’ve ever criticized another mom about]. Our circumstances may be very different, but if we stopped to really look, we’d be amazed at the similarities.

  57. steph

    I lost mine within a week, but when I stopped breastfeeding, it came back – with friends. My baseline is now just bigger than it used to be. Ah well. Kinda feel like Mamas just need to be a little bigger. Safety padding. Energy storage in case of emergency. Anyway, I’d like to lose 20 lbs, but I would also like for it to be OK that I don’t, if I am otherwise healthy. Put down the People, indeed. Those people get paid to look great, and they have all the time & money to make it happen! I have to *WORK* all day!

  58. Lisa

    Posts like this are exactly why I love you! In a purely platonic, non-stalkerish, respectful-stranger-reading-your-blog kind of way, of course.

  59. Helen Jane

    This makes me so happy.

    Thanks for the Weight Watchers Online tip, due in just a few, I’ve loved them before and will love them again.

  60. kgr

    Thank you SO much. My sister just had her second baby four weeks ago and I sent this post to her immediately. I am 21 weeks pregnant and am looking down at my already enormous belly and know I will save this post and re-read it and its comments many, many times.

  61. ecg

    And I am the sister to whom this post was sent by kgr. Is it the post-partum hormones making me emotional, or am I crying because it’s so nice to know that it’s okay that I’m not Heidi Klum modeling underwear two weeks after giving birth?
    Thank you.

  62. Kylee

    Congratulations to you! And thank you for that great post. After three babies, I know what a struggle it is (it gets harder with each one….) I’m nineteen months post-partum, and am still fighting the battle! I’ve got a long ways to go, but at least I’m fighting!

  63. Chad

    Would it be inappropriate to say you look really hot in that pic? And not in some weird fetish kinda way, just a woman are sexy when they’re pregnant even if they don’t think they are kinda way.

    Whatever, you look hot in that picture.

  64. Janice

    Having not gone through the whole pregnancy yet, I can’t really relate, but great post nonetheless and a fabulous photo!

  65. greta

    yay! so true. i found that i actually lost the pounds fairly quickly, but that my body was still not its old self. it took me a long time to lose the water weight (and i didn’t even think i swelled much). i’m 13 months post-partum now, and still working on it — i’m actually 5 pounds less than i was pre-pregnancy, but still bigger. go figure! it’s nice to know that we all struggle with these issues, and that time (and hard work) will resolve them.

  66. Sandi

    Thank you! I *heart* you Maggie! I lost quite a bit of weight just giving birth to the twins 14 months, and I only have about 5 pounds to go, but my body will never be the same and I’m OK with that. How could it be the same after making two little people? Carry on with your awesome self!

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  68. Sam

    Thanks Maggie. You’ve just given every postpartum mama out here the equivalent of a hug. I agree with the commenter said, “What is wrong with looking like you just had a baby, anyway?”

  69. Matthew

    Almost 3 years after Andrea had the twins and I STILL haven’t lost all of MY baby weight. Andrea, on the other hand, looks great.

  70. Terri Sinclair

    My children are 29 and 32 and I’m STill taking those few pounds of baby weight off! Keeping it real girls! Love it

  71. Michelle

    Great post, Maggie. So many women feel bad. I am still not pre-baby weight, about 10 pounds off, and my daughter will be 2 in September. But dealing with a vicious thyroid problem post-partum has stalled my progress. Not to mention — your body changes! In ways you didn’t imagine!

  72. Kate

    Thank you for this post! I had my second child on 5/2/08 and I was feeling really down that a 6 1/2 lb baby came out of me (plus associated placenta, amniotic fluid, and excessive blood loss from c-section) yet I weigh the same as when I went into the hospital, not fair!

  73. Erin

    This is my first time here and I think it’s love at first read.
    My son is seven and a half months old and I was feeling quite discouraged that the stupid scale hadn’t moved since a few weeks after he was born. I had lost a lot, and was excited because all I kept hearing was “when you’re breastfeeding it’ll just melt right off”. But it’s been months now and it hasn’t changed. I just say now that I’m not losing any more weight, I’m losing shape. I don’t know know where it’s moving too, but it’s not gone.
    I stopped reading any magazines because I was so sick of reading “Get your body back!” or “How so-and-so got her body back”. This IS my body. It had a baby. This is what my body looks like after having a baby.
    I love you. I’m going to stay here forever.

  74. becca

    what a fabulous picture mighty girl! i’m pregnant and feeling the need to embrace those form fitting ensembles. you’ve inspired me. thanks!
    …and yes, not all of us women want to work out for three hours a day – this is apparently the time slot gwyneth paltrow allows each day to maintain her post-babies figure!

  75. Sheri Bheri

    Do you know that I’m just now realizing that regular sized people (as opposed to obese, like me) have to work at staying regular sized? I honestly thought that you guys just didn’t WANT to eat more, and LIKED being active. Wow.

  76. Kimba

    Lovely to get a dose of reality these days – especially while at 17 weeks. I don’t have to be superwoman after the baby and lose it all. Refreshing.

  77. Shannon

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Next you can blog about how these same women in People and on E! have c-sections to avoid having stretch marks.

  78. Ashley

    Wow! That so made me feel better. I’m three weeks out of my third pregnancy and wishin I was a skinny minnie. I know it’ll happen…in time.

  79. DadaMama

    So, you’ve already heard this eleventy-billion times, but THANK YOU. I needed to hear that. I’m 3 months post-partum with my 3rd son, and am left with what can only be described as wreckage for a stomach. But I grew some amazing specimens! And even though I regularly threaten to give them to the first band of vagrants that ring the doorbell (in jest! only in jest!), I love them more than anything.

    You rock.

  80. Rachel

    Thank you Maggie. I have a 7 week old and have been wearing the same pair of stretch pants since she was born. You’ve inspired me to go out and shop rather than wait for my old clothes to miraculously fit anytime soon!

  81. Christine

    This post couldn’t come at a better time. I just delivered my first baby last Thursday and I still look like I’m 5 months pregnant. I was all belly during the pregnancy and I’m all belly AFTER pregnancy. WTF?? Anyway, I appreciate the post — it helps me to relax a bit since I’m jonzin’ to be at the gym.. NOW! (as well as wear pants that don’t require elastic bands)

  82. Sara

    I’m not pregnant, nor am I pondering becoming so in the next few years, but your post made me cry some happy tears (at work!). MightyGirl indeed!!

  83. teensleuth

    this is very empowering, but also very scary. is it bad of me to say i’d like to stay naive? i want both: baby and body. oh, horsefeathers.

  84. Lori

    Thanks, Maggie, for that great post. I am 7 months pregnant with my 1st child. While really happy, I’m of course worried about losing the weight. Before I got pregnant, I had lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers for my wedding. Then I got pregnant on my honeymoon. When I found out I was pregnant, I was at my goal weight and so exited about all the new cute clothes I was wearing. But after the shock wore off, I remained committed to maintaining the same healthy habits I had acquired. By doing that these last 7 months, my weight gain has been steady and well within the amount prescribed by my doctor.
    I plan to go back to Weight Watchers after my son is born. I know it will not be easy, but I’m also going to be reminded all the time of the cool, great and amazing thing my body did when I look at my son!

  85. Tonya

    Great post. So going by your weight loss I should be back (hopefully) into pre preggy clothes in just one more year … afterall I had twins so it should take me 32 months, that’s an extra year of bon bon eating before fitting back into my skinny jeans … right?. Phew and to think I was all upset that 20 months later I still wear all pregnancy clothes and look 4 months pregnant when I turn side-on. :)

  86. pam

    thank you for making me feel less shitty about not having lost the last 20 lbs of my baby weight. from the three babies i had six months ago. why do i still feel shitty about that? geez.

  87. karen

    Can’t help to pile on and say thanks! I’ve got two kiddos, 3 yo and 4 months and 20 lbs to go to my pre-pre pregnancy weight. Was feeling down since 2 of my other mom friends lost it all in 4 months. (high metabolisms and no love for sweets) Love the picture and the dress, looks like a vintage sweater dress that I wore during my pregnancies. Although no accompanying hot momma picture…

  88. Karyn

    I have a 4 month old and am sick of people going on about how nursing burns sooo many calories. HA! I have put on weight since she came and am living in sweat pants. I am super glad to hear I am not alone.

  89. AmericnJewl

    I’m at a full 10 weeks with my first, and haven’t been overly emotional. Thank you for making me feel wonderful already.

  90. Gwendolyn

    A place that made me feel a tad bit better was theshapeofamother.com. Be warned, there is nudity, but it’s what real women look like during and after pregnancy.

    Getting to size 0 a month after giving birth is just not healthy and those magazines are just making us feel worse about ourselves.

  91. amy

    You are a goddess. Thank you.
    (Eight months and counting–and all I want to do is keep EATING. Yeah, breastfeeding just makes you want to EAT.)

  92. gertie

    Hey, that’s exactly how long it took me to fit back into my skinny pre-pregnancy jeans!

    Then, the NEXT DAY, a positive pregnancy test. Nice while it lasted!

  93. Susie

    I’ve been reading you for years, and this might be my favorite post ever. You really are mighty.

  94. zak


    my son is almost 7 months old and i am breastfeeding and the weight. is. not. coming. off.


  95. Rose

    This is refreshing to read! In all the magazines featuring celebrities and their births, they fail to mention the millions of dollars they all have to spare on personal chefs and trainers. I have been going to WW for years, and am now pregnant, and am sure that I will have a long road ahead of me when I am ready to go back, and I’m going to be ok with that. Thanks!

  96. Carrie

    Nearly 20 months for me…it’s been a long road with a few plateaus that were really frustrating. In the end, I’m happy that it happened slowly and healthfully, even thought at about 10 months, as we were starting to think about my son’s first birthday party, I was lamenting not fitting into my summer wardrobe.

    So, I went shopping.

    Thanks for this! And, if I ever have another baby, I hope, pray, hope again that I look as beautiful as you in your photo above.

  97. Debra

    First Time Reader, and damn glad I did. 16 months, thats a heck of a lot better than I’m doing. 2.5 years later, still haven’t lost that baby weight. I started WW again yesterday… and this post is a great re-inforcement! (sp?)

    Thank you!

  98. Sara

    That photo rocks. :) And so do you.

    The nurse that escorted us to our vehicle with our newborn told me not to worry, breastfeeding will make the weight melt off no problem! And besides, you gained it in 9 months, give yourself at least 9 to take it off. The first half of her advice was a crock, God love ‘er. And the whole “it takes 9 months to take it off” is a bit misleading too. It should be “give yourself as long as you need to feel good and ready”.

    They should just be honest with first-time moms and tell them look, the first 6 months are going to test your ability to function at even the most primal level, so don’t even worry about the weight until your kid’s 6 month bday.

    My daughter is 19 months old. 5 months ago I joined WW online, and have since lost 20 pounds. I tried other methods to lose the baby weight. None of them worked. I weigh less now than I did when I conceived. WW is a miracle I tell you!

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  101. (The other) Margaret

    Oh, Maggie, this is a message women need to hear. Having been through it 3 times over, I can tell you it’s always been easy to put on the weight and hard to take it off. But it can be done; it just takes determination, focus, and sadly, exercise. Bravo to you for seeing it through!

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