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Help? Part II

30th May 2008

I posted a brief survey about possible new Mighty sites a while ago, and lots of you didn’t get a chance to see it. I’m sorry about that. I was kind of shocked by your eagerness to help, and the way you bowled over the little survey tool I hooked up.

Anyway, here’s the more detailed survey I promised, and you’re welcome to take it whether you took the last one or not. It has lots of questions about who you are (because we have a new advertising partner who needs to know), and the question about new sites is at the end. This questionnaire only lets you choose your top three ideas, because last time everyone wanted everything. You greedy little monkeys.

Thank you in advance if you take a minute to answer. I promise to stop underestimating your helpfulness in the future. Also to floss more and be a better citizen.


8th May 2008

Hello! I have three quick questions for you regarding which sites you’d most enjoy reading if I were to launch more sites. Would you like to help me decide? If so, thank you. That’s very nice of you, don’t you think?

Update: Whoa! That was fast. Thanks so much for your help, you helpful crew, I got all the responses the survey thing allows, re-upped for more, and then you filled the new quota too. For those of you feeling stifled, I’ll ask some more detailed questions in the coming weeks. What I found out, if you’re curious, is that you guys want it all, baby. Except men’s fashion. Seriously, fuck men’s fashion.