Hello! I have three quick questions for you regarding which sites you’d most enjoy reading if I were to launch more sites. Would you like to help me decide? If so, thank you. That’s very nice of you, don’t you think?

Update: Whoa! That was fast. Thanks so much for your help, you helpful crew, I got all the responses the survey thing allows, re-upped for more, and then you filled the new quota too. For those of you feeling stifled, I’ll ask some more detailed questions in the coming weeks. What I found out, if you’re curious, is that you guys want it all, baby. Except men’s fashion. Seriously, fuck men’s fashion.

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  2. Hi Maggie. I’d love to help but the survey has been closed:

    The survey you have requested is currently closed. Please check with the person or website that sent you here for more info.

    Hopefully I got that message because you got all the info you needed and more Mighty sites are in the works.



  3. I’d totally tell you if the poll were still open. Instead, I shall toss some suggestions.

    MightyTips: a collection of some great tips that pop up on different site (consumerist, lifehacker, etc) sprinkled with some tips from you and whomever else you have contributing (such as your list of things for chickies to master)

    MightyCause: Collection of really good causes that folks with big hearts are dedicated to across the globe. A clearing house of sorts for gifting, research on non-profits, or year-end giving opportunities. You can list me as the first one. πŸ˜‰

    MightyJens: Because there are, like, a kajillion of us out there. Right?

    Anyway – I’m excited you’re looking to expand again. I enjoy your stuff.


  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that this whole poll thing is just a joke on readers after the bj hijack in the comments of the previous post. If so, nicely done Mighty.


  5. I vote for MightyTrishes, except that I don’t know if that’s how you would spell it (MightyTrish’s? MightyTrishes, as above? Oy.). And I am not a fan of the name Pat, so MightyPats (besides having potentially interesting alternative connotations πŸ˜‰ ) interests me not in the least.

    I like MontanaJen’s suggestions above (with the slight change of MightyTrishes instead for her last suggestion :)).


  6. MightyMoms – feature mighthy mommy bloggers, but only the best of the best.

    : )


  7. I’m reading the comments, and I’m thinking, do you really need to write a comment that confirms that it doesn’t work for you? Like that one person is just somehow cursed, but you are so blessed that it somehow should have worked for you?

    I’m just saying.


  8. I voted, the poll was open. However, I will not be of much help in choosing because I checked just about everything. I have blog ADHD, sorry.


  9. FYI for anyone wondering – I just noticed the survey is back up for anyone who couldn’t access it yesterday (like me).

    I vote for an eco friendly shopping blog – Mighty Earth! I always have to scour the web looking for great eco friendly products and goods to buy (along with reviews as to whether they actually work or not).


  10. ok. was i the only one who wanted to fill in the “other” box: boobies? ’cause i had to basically wrestle with the 12-year old in me to keep from doing it.

    also, i call dibs on “Wrestling With the 12-Year Old in Me” for the title of my poignant and charming autobiography.


  11. since there wasn’t a ranking function, i would LOVE women’s fashion (even just accessories), ecogoods, home, and living the ABSOLUTE MOST. in fact, i think my life would be complete if i had all of these.

    no pressure.


  12. laughing at melissaS.

    Maggie, you are so loved. You could probably do a blog called MightyClean and I’d read it.


  13. GAHHH!! At least tell us what the options were!! Can’t you give us one more poll?? I’m DYING to know. I miss checking the site for half a day (ok, 24 hours?) and I miss all the good stuff? Nooooooooo


  14. Don’t know whether this is one of the choices, but I’d like to register my vote for MightyStyle – style being more than mere stuff.

    It would be a nice counter-balance to the emphasis on cheap-at-any-cost that pervades the retail world these days.


  15. As you well know, some of us could USE a site about men’s fashion, in particular. Ah well, back to sewing elbow patches on my long-sleeve T’s.


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