Canada? Check.

I think I said blowjob 453 times in the space of an hour. Then Heather made several references to goat testicles. She also had a rare timid moment when she stopped, squinted up into the stage lights and said, “Am I allowed to cuss?” Like God was going to answer.

Obscenities and phallic references aside, the session went well. That is, once I was able to tune out the live blogger. It’s unsettling enough to be on stage, but try it to a soundtrack of frantic typing that stops whenever you pause for breath. Fortunately, the audience wasn’t full of people I knew in seventh grade, and I wasn’t naked behind a podium, so actually the presentation was better than I could have dreamed.

Afterward, we headed to my very first meet-up, and I had a great time. I’ve never done a meet up before, and (as I mentioned during our presentation) part of me always pictures myself alone in a large warehouse whistling and waiting for someone to show up.

That’s Aimee and Kathryn who, along with Kirsten, chatted with me for most of the meet-up. I’d love to see them all again, plus lots of the others we met. At one point, I was talking to a neuroscience major, and all of the women around the table were like, “You study neuroscience? I’m totally into neuroscience too!” Thereby verifying my suspicion that all of you are total geniuses. If you came out, thank you so much for finding sitters, driving from the far reaches, or overcoming your shyness. It was good to see you.

We fly home today, but there will be lots of photos and a few good stories to come. Canadians are lovely, and Canada is officially checked off my Mighty Life List! Next? The pyramids at sunset! Or possibly making butterscotch pudding from scratch. I’ll keep you posted.

26 thoughts on “Canada? Check.

  1. I am so glad that your trip was successful! I am sorry to have missed you though! You just MUST come back!
    You looked MIGHTY beautiful in that red dress! And! Heather’s SHOES! ME-OW (emphasis on the OW!)

    Take Care,


  2. Alas! By the time you two posted that you were coming TO MY HOMETOWN I had already made plans to go to the food show. FOOD SHOW! And while I’m so in love with you and Heather that I’d have stood there staring and gibbering until security carted me away…food show. Little scallops wrapped in bacon. BBQ’d chicken. Various curries.

    Next year, come again around the same time, only reserve an evening and we’ll go Eat! Vancouver!


  3. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to go to the event…and also I guess that I don’t live anywhere near Canada for that matter. But I agree with everyone else–you two looked smokin’–good for you! Glad you had a nice time. πŸ™‚


  4. Ever been to the Lark Creek Inn? Any of Bradley Ogden’s other restaurants? His butterscotch pudding is to die for. Recipe here:

    The secret is finding good butterscotch chips. I’ve found Guittard on rare occasions (Mollie Stone’s maybe). If you can find them, they will be the key to success. Cheap butterscotch chips tend toward gritty, which is rarely the desired effect.


  5. Canada and Canadians are lovely to visit, yes. But I lived there for a year in the 90s and there’s a bit of unresolved sibling rivalry that’s a bit hard to take 24-7. Just so you don’t up and move!


  6. I only live about 4 hours away in the sunny Okanagan Valley and I SO wanted to be there but I was eyeball deep in a project with at deadline staring me in the face so I had to be all adult and responsible and not come. Maybe next time, lovelies!


  7. It was great meeting you Maggie, so glad you guys had fun. Even better you can cross things off the Mighty List. And I don’t think my ears will ever quite be the same after hearing the Mighty say Frack!


  8. Great session, Maggie! You and Heather rocked the place. From the first utterance of the word blowjob, down to the goat testicle banner, I knew I was safe to geek out without worrying about my non-writer coworkers succumbing to boredom.

    And now, after exploring both your sites, I see that never was a problem to begin with.

    Thanks to you and Heather for keeping this young blogger on track and for reinforcing best practices.

    All the best,


  9. Maggie! It was so awesome to meet you. I’ve been a fan of you and Heather for ages. I hope you liked the Escents travel thing–there was a funny moment before the meet-up when I was talking with the lady who brought stuff from Lush, and we realized that we both work for, and brought gifts from, rival soap companies. For a second there it was like a wild west saloon standoff… but with fewer guns and more essential oils, ha ha.

    Anyway, thanks for being so gracious, and sorry for monopolizing the conversation. You guys made my weekend (month, year?) πŸ™‚


  10. It’s a war of bubble baths!

    I can cross off “Meet Mightgirl”. Next time I’ll observe the “rules” of a meet and greet. I was slightly perplexed that people were lined up and maybe talking to Derek about Cuba and that mohito I drank got me all confused.

    Glad it wasn’t in a warehouse on the outskirts of town.


  11. That sounds great! Good for you and congratulations. Clearly Heather had no qualms about reporting “blowjob” on her site. You two crack me up.

    Maybe “have meet and greet in New Mexico” should be on your list?


  12. Maggie, that dress was GORGEOUS, and I want one. Seriously. Please tell me where it’s from.


  13. Maggie!

    It was a real treat to meet you. I’m glad you had such great weather over the rest of the weekend, and I’d love to see some of the undoubtedly great shots you got of our city. Did you ever make it to Bloom for pedicures?

    I’ve written about the good times here, and posted a few pictures:

    ps: Aimee and Kirsten: it was also lovely to meet the two of you!


  14. Dammit…a couple years too late. I used to live close to there. And trust me, I locked my doors. Oh hell yes, I locked them.

    Come up to Calgary next. It’s like…a weak-ass little Texas. Just a smidge above Montana. You’ll know us by the 15 feet of snow 360 days out of the year.

    Did you venture into Stanley Park (hopefully not at night…oh for your sake I hope not….)? Gorgeous no? Squirrels there are a bit rapid though. Unless you have mints in your pocket…then you are a-ok.

    I’d recommend a big ol’ skip on the pudding idea. I tried it once…horrific flash-backs to the days of diapers *shudder*


  15. Next stop? Should totally be Australia where Melbourne is the city to be in πŸ˜€

    I love that first photo- your hair looks amazing!


  16. You and Heather were brilliant on stage. And I must say your red dress was fabulous!

    I loved how casual you both were during the presentation, it felt like I was just hanging out with some REALLY SMART old friends. LOL

    And thank you for making that brave step into the world of meet and greets. We now have photos to prove that we can check ‘Meet Dooce and MightyGirl’ off of our lists.


  17. Loved meeting you, too! You are gracious and pretty! Did you get to go shopping in Vancouver? I hope you had Mighty Good Times whatever you did.


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