Coming to Canada

21st May 2008

Are you in Canada right now? OK, stay there for a minute. I’ll be right up.

I’m speaking at Vidfest with Heather Armstrong. (Whose name, incidentally, I can never type without thinking, “Arm strong, feel arm! Heather strong, like ox!” But I digress.)

It’s taken me thirty-two years to get up to Canada, and I cannot wait. Everyone tells me how gorgeous Vancouver is, and how no one locks their doors. As you might imagine, I’m excited to walk around trying all the doors and photographing what’s inside.

While we’re there, my very helpful husband Bryan, arranged a meet-and-greet for me and Heather, and you should come because I want to meet you. Also, if you have one of my books, I will write something nice inside.

Friday night, May 23rd
5-7 p.m.

Dockside Brewing Company
behind the Granville Island Hotel
1253 Johnston Street
Granville Island, Vancouver B.C.V6h 3R9

(Google Map)

Please join us.

In other news, regular readers may remember that “Cross the Canadian border” is one of the items on my Mighty Life list (lower left sidebar if you haven’t seen it). The offer to speak at Vidfest was one of the slightly uncanny things that happened right after I posted the list. I’ll tell you about the rest of it later. In the meantime, if anyone has a boat that needs christening, you know who to call.

55 thoughts on “Coming to Canada

  1. Maryanne

    Dangit! I’m in Victoria, BC, and there’s no way I can get to Vancouver on Friday.

    But I’m so excited that you’ll get to see Vancouver! It’s just so cool (even if people there really do lock their doors).

  2. Diana

    Maggie, as a longtime fan delurking, I just want you to know that if I ever get a boat, you are first on my list. :)

  3. Jenna

    Please come to Toronto! It may not be as attractive though, as we do lock our doors.

  4. Sara

    The people who told you that Vancouver is gorgeous totally weren’t lying. And Granville Island is one of my favourite places in the city – be sure to explore the public market there, it’s total awesomeness.

  5. Jen

    How excited am I that I have a road trip up to Vancouver from Seattle planned this weekend with my girlfriend! Unfortunately, we’re getting into town Saturday so I won’t be able to make the meet-and-greet. Any chance for any other get-togethers? I’m going to be carting my copies of your and Heather’s books around with me all weekend just in case…

    And what all those people say about Vancouver? Absolutely true.

  6. Tammy

    Hey, my husband’s covering Vidfest for CBC Radio 3! I’ll tell him to say hi if he sees you.

    It’s lovely up here, but I don’t know who gave you the line about the unlocked doors. Canadians aren’t THAT trustworthy. (Also, if a guy comes up to you claiming to be the wallet inspector, he probably isn’t.)

    Oh, and if you’re going to be on Granville Island, walk around and check out the small community of floating homes. Definitely photo-worthy.

  7. Lynne

    Remember that post of yours about libraries a short while ago? Get ready to be mobbed, because the Canadian Library Association’s annual conference is in Vangroovy this week. I will be there for a smaller meeting of librarians, but alas, I only fly in on Sunday. I second the motion for details on possible other meet-ups, and will pack autographables in my carry-on in case of an airport encounter. Which is geek for it would be really cool to meet you. Really, really cool.

  8. Jasmine

    I just happen to live a minute’s walk (or a five minute drunken crawl) from the DockSide pub in Granville Island and I’ll be there to meet&greet (and probably wanna hug) both of you! If you’re not sure who I am…I’ll be the one screaming “Oh my God it’s Dooce and Maggie – I love you Dooce and Maggie!”

  9. chicklet

    When I read this news on Dooce, I pooped. Literally, pooped. And then to read that BOTH of you will be within WALKING distance of my lame-ass real job, well, I think I pooped again. I’ll be there; I’ll be the one trying NOT to freak you out with just how cool I and my poopiness is.

    Uh, on another note, if you want ideas of very cool places to photograph in Vancouver, email me. My husband and I are into amateur photography (not the dirty kind) and have WAY too many photos of all the cool spots in the hood. Welcome!

  10. Lindsay

    Vancouver is gorgeous, but they were lying about the door thing.

    If you have time, you should rent bikes (there’s a good place at the corner of Denman and W. Georgia) and bike the seawall in Stanley Park. It takes about an hour and is totally worth is. While you’re in the park, check out the (most cutest things ever) sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. Sometimes they float around on their backs holding hands. There’s also a pregnant Beluga whale right now (you should add that to your list – ‘see pregnant Beluga whale’) Have fun, whatever you end up doing!

  11. Lynda

    Do you need a tour guide?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am long time readers (sometime delurker) of BOTH of your blogs!
    Email me for any information or questions, if interested!


  12. Ms. Karen

    If some guy with an Australian accent approaches you and says he needs 30 dollars (Canadian) for bus fare, tell him Ms. Karen says to hike it.

    Otherwise, Vancouver ROCKS! and I’m ready to go back. Unfortunately, it won’t be this weekend because I don’t have bus fare… ;)

  13. Jill

    What do you say to someone you know through the look so familiar? Haven’t I seen you on the internets somewhere? Weirdness will flood my eyeballs and I’ll confuse you both for movie stars and gush how much I loved your last album and then it’ll dawn on me.

    Sadly..the rats will come in if you keep the window and doors open but Vancouver is gorgeous and Granville Island is a foodie’s jerk off fantasy. Pack a raincoat. If you don’t get a tan in Van- you’ll rust.

    I work for this big wonderful and wacky soap company and you’ll know me by the bag of soap I’ll bring you and please write something MIGHTY in your book for me.

  14. eva

    About to go delete post about what I had for lunch. THEN will head to Granville Island to meet blog idols – yahoo! I’ll be the harried chick with adorable but screaming baby girl. Harried and trying to act casual, like I meet y’all every day.

    ps – correct use of “y’all”??? as a canadian am unsure.

    have a safe trip. my door will be unlocked too. you can stalk.

  15. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    Can NOT believe you are both going to be in our little ol’ neck of the world! Susan (my twin sister and blogging partner) and I will be doing everything in our power to hand over our nursing infants to someone – anyone – so that we can get into the Brewing Company. We are so not missing this for a little bit of lactation! Call in the support staff – we are heading to see Dooce and Maggie!

    BTW I do often leave my doors unlocked but that probably isn’t wise. But still – this is one of the best places in the WORLD to live. And when the sun shines – seriously – it is crazy gorgeous. Can’t wait to see your photos! (And I just checked the weather forecast and it says it is going to be sunny. Now just like the unlocked door thing, you can’t be too trusting of these things. But it looks good so far! If you get sun – on your first trip to Vancouver – well that is beyond lucky. You must be kissed by God.)

    Can’t wait to meet you. Seriously excited. Some days it pays to be a Canadian.

  16. carol browne

    Woot! I will so be there for that! How exciting.

    And I’ll blog about it, too. I’ll be there with my camera.

    Granville Island is terrific for photos – there’s the bridge right near by and markets and the Aquabus! I love the little Aquabus.

    See you on Friday.

  17. wheezer345

    Dangit!!!! Would love to meet you guys (Mightygirl and Dooce[sounds like a superhero team]) but i have to work. :( Do you think next time you guys come to the great northwest you could give us a little more warning. My boss needs at least a week of warning before we take vacation. Anyway, have a great time!

  18. Lesley

    “Everyone tells me how gorgeous Vancouver is, and how no one locks their doors.”

    that’s a myth. the not locking doors part. I live in Vancouver and the property crime rate is one of the highest in the country. Vancouver has a serious crack problem and break and enters have become only too common. We lock our doors, double lock and turn on the alarms. That said, Vancouver is gorgeous. Probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Granville Island is a delight. Enjoy the food market, and dine at Bridges if you have a chance. Also, take a water taxi across the strait and stroll the seawall. Enjoy your stay.

  19. Sandi

    I recommend taking a water taxi to get a different perspective of the city. Lots to see and photograph here. I’m hoping that my husband can keep my babies entertained so I can come meet you and Heather but maybe I’ll bring them along. I’m so glad that you get to cross an item off your list. If you are in my neck of the woods give my door a try. It may or may not be locked and wouldn’t it be great to have you stop by for a cup of tea?

  20. Sanna

    Vancouver is gorgeous, beyond the locked doors.
    Sadly, am too far away for a day trip. Enjoy. Looking forward to reading about the trip.

  21. Alex

    I’m with the group of Canadians who love that you’re coming here but are bummed that you’re going to be on the other side of the country. It’s a great first step, thoguh! Have a fantastic time in BC! Come to Ontario next time. :o)

  22. katie

    Argh…can’t…get…to…Vancouver. You guys should ditch the city and come to the island! Really, ugh you can stay on our futon or something (our kids are up all night, but we can walk to the beach!)
    Wish I could be there, have fun!

  23. Tina

    Oh the nostalgia… the West End is my favourite part of Vancouver, along with its proximity to lovely Granville Island. Am now living in New Zealand,next to Canada the loveliest country in the world. Enjoy your time in Vancouver!!

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  25. Kathryn

    Hi Maggie!

    I’m very glad that you’ll see our lovely city, and very glad that I might see lovely you! If all goes according to plan, I will be there. I’ll be the one gifting you with a Grubby Game ( My husband makes them, and they are pretty nifty. No bias at all, cross my heart. ;)

  26. jo-anne in vancouver

    Feeling darn silly about being a blogger groupie, but I’m so going to be there!

  27. daphne

    but alas, vancouver will hardly be a novel Canadian experience for you since it’s just up the coast from San Francisco and has that same west coast vibe you’re familiar with but hope you love it all the same. For your next Canadian adventure, check out Montreal. You won’t believe this charming city exists on the same continent as, say, Louisville, Kentucky. Enjoy Vancouver!

  28. Nate

    “As you might imagine, I’m excited to walk around trying all the doors and photographing what’s inside.”

    Margaret Mason, the lady who finally made all of the Canadians lock their doors.

    Have fun.

  29. Cedar

    OMG. Granville Island Lager is my most favorite beer in the world. Try to try some, okay?!

  30. Kaza

    Congrats on making it up to Canada… it’s so clean and the people are way laid back and nice.

    What I cannot understand though is how it is possible that you have not yet instituted champagne & chocolate Tuesdays already! ;)

  31. Meg

    Dear Maggie,
    Sigh. Some of us in San Francisco would like a meet-and-greet book signing. Lots of boats right here at home too!

  32. Lucky Candice

    Okay, so after doing a thorough check of you entire blog I find it incredible that you actually have posts that have 19,000 comments. Granted, they’re from several years back, but STILL.


  33. Laura

    Ahhh, Vancouver. I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m delurking to say I can’t wait to see all the photos from the 4 of you!

  34. Jen

    @daphne (comment no. 32) — ouch! Louisville (“luhvull”) is a mighty fine place of which my husband is a product (I’m originally from another part of the state as well). Have you ever been there? I’m just saying…don’t knock it until you try it ;-)

  35. Heather

    Granville Island is my favourite place. Ever. Not that I’ve been a lot of places, but I love it. If only I still lived in the Van. *sigh*

    Have great time.

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  37. amyinbc

    Not true. Lock your door. May not be as bad as where you come from but lock your door!

    Hoping you enjoy Vancouver. It IS a beautiful city and Granville Island very quaint. Hubby works at the fire hall covering this area. So if there is a fire or anything just call out “PETE! PETE your wife adores me, HELP!” Ok? ;)

    The weather is supposed to be nice for the weekend, fingers crossed and have a great time!

  38. Captain Jolly

    I don’t know what the story is, but Mimi Smartypants says she just went to Vancouver.Let us know if you spot her, mmmkay?

  39. laura francis

    Get your arse (we don’t say ass in Canada, don’t make that mistake) to Toronto please. I simply insist. And please bring Heather along, too.

  40. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Have fun tonight! Declan was conceived right there at Whistler resort outside Vancouver, so he likes to say he is half Canadian! As if he knows what the hell he is talking about.

  41. Melissa H

    We just got a (new to us) boat. Let me know if you are in Sacramento after Canada–you are welcome to christen it–if you think it counts to christen a teeny little ski boat ;)

  42. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    Totally fantastic meeting you today!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip here. Sorry it isn’t sunny. (I always feel oddly responsible when the weather disappoints visitors. And since we are in Vancouver and rain is pretty much inevitable, I take on an unhealthy amount of guilt.)

    Looking forward to BlogHer – see you there!

  43. Nancy

    “with Heather Armstrong. (Whose name, incidentally, I can never type without thinking, “Arm strong, feel arm! Heather strong, like ox!” But I digress.)”

    I can’t drive on (or cross) “Silliman” street without yelling “SILLY MAAAAN… Sil-Ly MAN!”

    Vancouver’s a fine town. I lived there for 10 years (graduated HS there – go Magee Lions! :) It is, geographically speaking, the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen — and I’ve seen quite a few. Enjoy!

  44. lu

    hope your border crossing experience is all you’ve ever hoped for!

    i wish i could be there to warmly welcome you, but i am busy living the life of a canadian expat in africa and won’t be back until your canadian ship has sailed.

    but be sure to do as the van city locals do – smoke noncriminalised pot, hug a tree, and occassionally leave your doors unlocked just because the chances of anything going missing really are slim to none.

    western canada is a great place, enjoy it!

  45. Spatula

    Here’s a wave from Toronto, and another invitation for you and Ms. Dooce to come here. Hope Vancouver was fun! But Tronno (it’s pronounced Tronno) is better. Or at least bigger.

  46. MaryP

    Or Ottawa. We don’t lock our doors here, either. But don’t tell my neighbour’s teenagers that. Just in case…

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