11 thoughts on “Self Congratulatory

  1. Kait

    I think I’m going to start using “BAM! I continue to dazzle.” as the header for my completed tasks list. That’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. spandrelstudios

    You are such the Font of Positivity, Ms Mason! Where I tend to see nothing but those items that remain on my list, it must be so much better for the soul to celebrate those that got done! (And I’m with Meg; I like the dazzle one best.)

  3. Barbara

    Um…your posts no longer show up to right of your photo….they are there initially for a few seconds, then it “refreshes” (?) and only by scrolling down to bottom of your list to do before you die do they show. I discovered that by accident. Is it you or is it me? Has been doing this for five or so days now….just thought I’d let you know. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!

  4. Valerie

    Yep, BAM’s the best one.
    Barbara–I’m not having that problem. Something funky with your browser settings?

  5. Spatula

    People have “Completed Tasks” lists? I just make a to do list, and when a task is done, I cross the bejesus out of it. I cross it like it never got crossed before.

  6. Serial

    I tried an exercise like this once, but found my awesomeness hard to quantify in list form.

    I’ll try BAM! … dazzle, though. That’n looks pretty good.

  7. Stiletto Lawyer

    I’m going to have to go out on my own and vote for “TASKS I SLAYED TODAY, BOO-YAH”…because who can ever resist a chance to use the word boo-yah!

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