23 thoughts on “Channel Surfing

  1. Matthew

    I got excited for a second since the twins would count at .5 of a vote. But then I remembered that Andrea has 1.75 votes. Bummer.

  2. Jenn

    I have two little boys and one hubby. This means I am forever destined to episodes of “suvivor man” “man vs. wild” and “deadliest catch”. Not to mention vacations that are all inclusive of testerone driven events. C’est la vie!

  3. darci

    I always lose to a soccer match and the History Channel…and I have 2 teenage girls. Dorks

  4. Nate

    Funnily enough my wife and I flipped through this yesterday on the Cartoon Network and I got the same response. Jeez… I mean, what do these chicks have against Dracula?

  5. Spatula

    Wait, was it two separate things, or a single thing called Batman vs. Dracula? Because I would pay to see that. Not actual money, but I’d pay in currency like chocolate or emergency socks.

  6. Why Mom Drinks Rum

    As I like to say in my home, “My math is broken.”

    Someone really should commence a study as to why men are attracted to old craptacular movies on TV. I’m sure there is a gene we can wipe out if we try hard enough. Be strong….pull the labour/birth card if you have to.

  7. serafina

    I think there’s a “Batman vs. Dracula” animated movie or something, but at our house it’s the movie “Batman Begins,” which features Gary Oldman, a.k.a. Dracula from Coppola’s “Dracula.” There’s also “Batman vs. Wolverine” — a.k.a. “The Presige” feat. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. And finally Batman vs. Maximus,” that is “3:10 To Yuma” with Bale and Russell Crowe. Yes, we are movie geeks. :) But then I want to watch “The Jane Austen Book Club” and somehow get outvoted…

  8. Jack

    Ah, I know exactly what time and what channel you were watching. The big boy and I over ruled the wife on that one. Go Alfred!

  9. Melissa

    Totally unrelated…but am I the only one who’s page seems to start under the MightyLife list? This is a new problem, last week the page format worked fine for me.

  10. Jack

    I bet everyone would watch The Jane Austen Book Club if Angelina Jolie was in it.

    Not me. She is not bad looking, but not much of an actress.

  11. Agustin

    Batman vs. Dracula was stupendous and you totally missed out… Cartoon Network rocks.

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    The sad part is, in our house, it is Aimee & Bryan vs. Declan. Meaning, we want Batman vs. Dracula and he wants Sound of Music.

    OK. I want Sound of Music too.

  13. John

    Batman vs. Dracula is awesome. I watched it.
    It was a special movie length version of one of the more recent Batman series cartoons where Dracula is trying to raise his dead bride, and is turning Gotham into his vampire army.

    I do not feel bad saying that I loved it. Nor that I still have it on my DVR.

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