26 thoughts on “Cute Shoes Roundup

  1. laura

    oh, wow.
    I want every last pair.
    Now all I need is to win the lottery and I am set!
    But, I do appreciate the fact that the shoes here are all affordable. I was afraid to click and find them be in the 100 and up range. Luckily they are just right.

  2. Jen

    I love all these shoes (especially the blue Mary Janes!), but I would never buy the Jessica Simpson shoes. I absolutely refuse to contribute to her bottom line.

  3. shoe frustration

    *$(#*#(&# I love these shoes. damn it all that I have to have freakishly small feet (size 4 1/2). (tear)

  4. Jen

    s.frustration, sadly not much love for moderately freakish size 11 feet either. I feel your pain. (co-tear)

  5. Danielle

    Revoke my vagina, huh. Perfect. I will use that as the excuse the next time my husband questions a shoe purchase I have made.

  6. Sara

    I want those red “cha-cha-cha” heels soooo badly! I don’t like shoe shopping either, mostly because there are so many FUUUUGLY shoes out these days.

  7. steph

    ugh – aside from the bright blue sneakers, I’m not feelin’ it. I hate pumps. (I hope MY vagina won’t be revoked.)

  8. Kim

    Magically appear and fit! I actually hate shopping, period! My friend just hired someone to thin her closet and then provide all the things she needed. She went into a room in Nordstrom and they had racks and racks of clothing to try on, I think she spent something like $10,000 but if I had the spare change I do it in a heartbeat if it meant I never had to shop again.

  9. MontanaJen

    I’m having difficulty seeing images – your daily photo and the shoes. From the looks of comments, it must be on my end.


    I adore shoes. Give me your size and I’ll go shopping for you. :)

  10. shauna

    I can’t see the shoes either (I’m on a PC today and tried both Firefox and IE) but wanted join in the I Hate Shoe Shopping chorus. Especially when they have to fetch the shoes for you and watch while you try them on… too much pressure! Especially when you have a size 10 hoof and it seems impossible to get a shoe on without grunting and oofing.

  11. Kate F.

    Wow, there are some extremely cute options in there. I’ve written about my hatred of shoe-shopping before…I can’t decide if almost everyone else has a higher tolerance for pain than I do, or if I just have freak feet that hate shoes. Ouch. I haunt the Aerosoles website and whenever they come out with a cute style (so hit or miss!) I buy 2 pairs. The “Sleigh Thread” wedges are the comfiest shoes ever, despite a 3+ inch heel.

  12. lee

    I live in Taiwan, have (European) size 41 feet and the biggest you can get here is 39 :( and some of the shoes you get here are sooooo cute and cheap enough to buy a pair a week. I own 5 pairs of shoes (total) and they’re men’s/unisex… but comfie:)

  13. Cindy

    I can’t see your shoes either, but it’s all about Zappos and free shipping both ways! In my quest for cute sporty spring flats I ordered 12 pairs of shoes and kept 3. AND the cat loved jumping into and out of the enormous box the shoes came in until it was time to ship the non-keepers back.

  14. MontanaJen

    I’m so lame – I made my visit to MightyGoods and realized that the line above was to be a link there.

    I concur – cu-hu-hute shoes! For a couple of years now I’ve wanted a pair of brightly colored patent pumps. Methinks the yellows are the winners. Great prices, as well. Good job!

  15. Lindaloohoo

    i used to manage a shoe store and there was one young woman who came in every few months. she would wander around and pick up shoes and SMELL them. that’s right, she never tried anything on, but purchased her shoes based on a big, deep whiff of the display shoe. she looked so normal on the outside, but evidently looks are deceiving folks.
    although, perhaps this method might work for some of you shoe shopping haters out there. certainly could make it a more exciting process . . .

  16. bluejeanamy

    yay! thank you thank you for posting those supercute flats. all i want in life is cute AND comfortable AND metallic AND fashiony AND affordable flats. and tada! now i have ’em. can’t wait for that lil package on my doorstep…thanks, you!

  17. Amanda

    Those are all amazingly adorable, and I love them, but–I have D or E-width feet, in a 7.5 size. No love for us girls with stubby feet, either. *sigh*

  18. The Lisa Show

    My shoe size ranges from 10 to 11, depending on how awful my day is. Shoes my size are hard to come by here in Asia. I remember when I was in grade school, my dad and I went out for black shoes for my school uniform and we couldn’t find a pair that fit me even at the ladies’ section. After four hours of looking all over the city, he told me to get men’s shoes. I burst into tears. So yep, I hate shoe shopping, too.

  19. Manager Mom

    Very cute shoes. But on principle, I can’t buy anything from the Jessica Simpson empire… I am just looking for her to disappear.

  20. Andra

    Maggie, I loathe shoe shopping too.

    The one physical trait my father passed down to me was his long slender feet and freakishly long and knobby toes (I can peel a banana with my toes, something I’m hesitant to broadcast).

    They don’t make cute shoes in my size. I gave up on cute shoes in junior high and resorted to sneakers and men’s size Old Navy flip flops.

    They can’t revoke your vadge for that, right?

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