Then I Did a Brief Pole Dance

14th May 2008

Me: I took my shirt off in front of the neighbor.
Bryan: Explain that.
Me: I took my shirt off without realizing the shade was up, and there he was. I actually made eye contact with him. He got all flustered and looked away.
Bryan: Hot.
Me: No, I was wearing my indestructible white bra. I just dropped to my knees and crawled out of the room.
Bryan: Lame.
Me: I know.

20 thoughts on “Then I Did a Brief Pole Dance

  1. Sarah

    I had a similar experience recently. I had taken a shower and hadn’t completed getting dressed yet (no pants!), but it was really hot in my house so I decided to open my bedroom window. For some reason I decided it would be okay for me to quickly pull up the shade and open it and that no one would really be looking. I didn’t consider the fact that my landlord (who lives in the other half of my duplex) would be nearly directly in front of my window planting flowers. Ooops.

  2. Maggie

    That right there? That’s why I always keep my blinds drawn. My neighbors just think we’re weird but really we’re protecting them. They have no idea how lucky they are.

  3. js

    Delurking to say that you make me feel better about not being the only one that exposes herself to her neighbors! I totally had to post about my similar experiences and I linked you! Not that anyone reads my babbling, but, you know, it’s the thought that counts. Just remember that you probably made your neighbors day!

  4. tixie

    i like to live in the delusion that since i’m on the 2nd floor no one can see me running naked to the dryer in the kitchen that is right in front of the front window looking out onto the whole apartment complex… i somehow doubt that is actually true…

  5. Ally

    I would be mortified- once in college I was really thirsty one night and ran to my kitchen in my “sleeping” panties (ok, they are comfy granny panties) and covering my mosquito bites with my arm when lo’ and behold… My neighbor was walking his dog and was just standing there while his dog… um.. ya know… and totally saw me. We never talked again!

  6. Ms. Karen

    Good thing it wasn’t the indestructable white bra AND matching granny panties combo, because that? That causes brain damage when people are accidently exposed to them at the same time.

    Just ask my mail carrier.

  7. Sharon B.

    Every caucasian woman on the planet has one solid white indestructible bra. Oh, the male minds we could inflict serious harm on if we united and whipped off our shirts in public to reveal the SWIB.

  8. Karen

    One super hot summer day in my third floor apartment with floor to ceiling windows (old, converted farmhouse) I was walking about in lingerie to stay cool –
    when I noticed the ladder up against my kitchen window and the guy outside painting.

  9. norm

    This is why I paid the extra half-million (just kidding, sort of) to live in the suburbs.

    Of course, in the suburbs the neighbors have telescopes.

  10. Onbeelay

    Just a little perspctive from the other side…… Living in San Fran I once accidently caught my neighbor staring out his window in full leather S&M regalia, He was about 65 and well …wrinkly. Collar, suspender things atttached to hot shorts. NIPPLE CLAMPS. I think he was trying to get some cool breeze or something.

    His eyes met mine. I dropped to the floor. He stopped asking me to keep his mail for him.

    I would much rather have glimpsed him in a industructable white bra :)

  11. ken

    I was in the backyard watering the garden when my wife flashed her boobies at me from the upstairs bathroom window while she yelled “Hey hot stuff!” I’m sure Mr. Bensen, our 75 yo neighbor who was next door watering his garden appreciated it also. :-)

  12. giddlygoop

    After my father-in-law’s funeral, when I got home, I decided to take a shower to wash away the grief. I stripped, and then realized I had left something across the hall in my bedroom. I stepped out of the bathroom, stark naked, looked to my right and there were TWO of my neighbors in the kitchen, looking right at me, offering their condolences to my husband. I was MORTIFIED. I ran into my bedroom and hid in the closet. Really, as if they were going to come looking for me. It as a long time before we spoke again. At least they’re two old lades but you should have seen their eyes pop. Ugh, I still blush at the thought.

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