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14th March 2008

I’m still reading the comments from my 100 Things to do Before I Go posts. The best one so far is from Claire, who says:

…the direct result of you writing this excellent list is me quitting my stupid, stupid admin job and heading to uni to study nursing at the ripe old age of 27. Thanks Maggie … I really needed this!!! Reading your list and seeing all the fabulous things you would get up to got my bum into gear to start living my life too.

Well done, Claire. Go! Go! Go!

Here are some ideas that intrigued me from the lists you posted on your sites. I like the way they all sound together:

show photos in a gallery
participate in a humanitarian mission in another country
have a rose garden
22. Find my best friends from growing up .. Maria Salas, and Phillip Avila
29. Be debt free
41. Learn to accept that I will always need meds for my depression
This Happy Home
1. own a store with big display windows.
12. embroider a self portrait.
24. make my own wine.
Writing to Sanity
12. Do not go online for 3 consecutive days
61. See an author read from his or her work
73. Learn the correct way to hold and shoot a gun
The Littlest Tree Hugger
7. Learn Spanish, French, Arabic and conversational Japanese
12. Help put my niece thru college (if she wants to go)
25. Keep a goldfish for longer than a month
The Fray
1. See sloths in Costa Rica.
5. Live off the food in the kitchen (a la Laura) for one month
11. Spelunk.
Lucky Magpie
28. Find out the real name of my biological father
49. Do something to get into the Guinness Book of World Records
72. Have part of my income come from something internet related
1. Make my own cream soda.
6. Spend a night on a train.
19. Build and furnish a dollhouse.
More Kisses Please
3. ride a giraffe
13. spend a night in the room Janis Joplin died in
16. pay someone’s rent for the month
The Nonhipster Mom
7. Make really great marinara sauce.
12. Stop being mad at my parents.
19. Make puff pastry from scratch.
Scarlet Words
23 Build a time capsule
24 Read the dictionary from beginning to end
73 Have my dog’s teeth cleaned
The Metamorph
8. Own a Victorian style home, complete with claw-foot tub, window seat, and sparkling crystal chandelier.
14. Learn to sing again.
24. Stay a night in Dracula’s Castle.
Spandrel Studios
3. Have tea at the Plaza
8. Design the perfect jacket
9. Flip an egg in a pan

36 thoughts on “Do Your Own Thing

  1. Jill

    Maggie- this project of thinking about and writing down 100 things that I would like to do- fanciful or small- has been a huge deal. It’s like going spelunking in my own heart. Thank you thank you thank you for reminding me to remember that it would be wonderful to ride a giraffe- imagine having a gallop with a bundle of them through the savannah’s of wild Africa!!

  2. sizzle

    You’ve started a revolution I think. How great is that!? I’ve been working on my list. It both humbles me and inspires me to read what others comment.

  3. Christy Cegelski

    I am new to this whole blog thing, but I LOVE the list idea!!! Last year I started a list of my own–same basic idea, but I called it a “life list”. The thing that keeps coming back to me that I’d like to accomplish in this life is to STOP sabotaging myself b/c I’m afraid to succeed.

  4. Simon

    Nice one Claire. I did the same thing about 18 months ago – quite my software development job at 26 to follow a long-time dream and retrain to be a paramedic. Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m loving the study so far, and next week we start placement out on the ambulance. I’m quite excited.

  5. claire

    Awww thanks Maggie! It’s a disgusting, foul heatwave here in my little part of Aus, so I am draped over the air con watching blood and gore fests on the Discovery Channel. I’m being pro-active .. It’s nice to get a headstart on things.
    And Simon, I considered paramedicine as well!! Ultimately decided to go with Nursing though.
    I handed in my notice on Friday at work … it felt GREAT!

  6. The Lisa Show

    I started making my list, but I think I overloaded. It’s also quite scary (for me, at least) to have a list that long when I could go tomorrow or next week, and would have had nothing crossed off my list. I might die thinking I’m an epic failure.

    I did make a list of 12 things to do before I turn 30, and that was inspired by your series. It helped me focus and start thinking of dreams as actual goals. I’m working on growing some lady balls. I’ll have another go at the 100 Before I Go list when I do.

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  8. Star

    I too joined the masses and did a life list inspired by You. I am also loving reading the lists from so many others; they are inspiring me to add to my list. I love that my list is becoming never ending.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. laura

    I just finished a long journey of graduate school, field work, and post-grad work to finally be offered and accept my dream job!

    When I began I said “oh my, when I am finished with all of this I will be 29!” My boyfriend replied: “you will be 29 in any case but this way you will have your masters degree and followed your dreams…”

  10. Brooke

    Claire, Claire, I plead with you stop. Save you sanity. Really. Part of me can’t believe I am writing this b/c I’ve always believed that nurses shouldn’t “eat their young.” but with 15 years experience behind me this place is a mess! Yes, you’ll make a lot of money and probably still touch a few lives but your life will be hell unless Obama actually delievers on every change he says he is going to make. Love your enthusiasm for life. Just think long and hard about nursing! Best of Luck.

  11. daaydreaming

    I thought I would explain about why I put my friends names in the list of who I wanted to find. Maybe someday they will google their names, like I do, the geek that I am, and go wow, there I am.
    My other ways haven’t worked so far! :) Thanks Maggie, this has been awesome.

  12. Susi

    You inspired me to write my own list last week (although I went for an entirely wimpier 50) and then with yesterday’s tattoo (#11) I set the ball rolling on ticking things off. Only 49 to go! Thank you.

  13. Megan

    Making the list motivated me in a way I did not expect. I spent all weekend at my parents’ house, scanning old family slides (#2 spend more time with family, #10 learn the secrets of my parents, #24 learn the stories of the people in black and white photos), made a strategy for paying off debt (#1), reserved books on upholstering at the library (#3), found a place to take windsurfing and sailing lessons on Lake Michigan (#4), and signed up to volunteer with a city farm (#7).

    Whew. Thanks!

  14. Megan

    …also, I was surprised that the big, potentially life-changing things on the list didn’t scare me. I thought I’d be paralyzed, but it really whipped me into a frenzy, this list… prioritizing, thinking “What I can do right now?” So great.

  15. Kim

    Claire, I decided this winter, at 40, to quit my stupid admin job and go to nursing school. good for you for figuring it out at the YOUNG YOUNG age of 27!! I am now going on line to register for my summer classes…biology and growth and development. I’m SO EXCITED!

  16. solaana

    I am taking an intro to painting class (if there’s room) so I’m glad to take one off the list.

  17. Molly

    I started making a list, too. But I made an additional list: 100 cool things I’ve already done. Sort of a way to get “credit” for things I did before I started the list in case of bus collision, etc. The list of 100 things to do is inspiring, and the list of 100 things already done made me feel a little accomplished and proud of myself!

  18. abby

    Thanks for checking my list out- I’ve enjoyed looking at others. I’m up to 70 now…I need a couple days to reach 100!

  19. Lyz

    A great side-effect – I feel awesome to have accomplished some of the items on other’s lists! Now, to make my own…

  20. gwen

    Well, I don’t have 100, but you did get me thinking. I’ve posted my own vestigial list.

    A few faves:
    – Go to New Zealand and overstay my visa.
    – Develop a relationship to food that is not 85% emotional.
    – Learn to shuffle cards cooly and efficiently, instead of like I’m handling a rabid ferret.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Andrew

    Humph. Someone has to force me to read this post. It’s too big and boring. Brevity is the sister of talent, remember that.

  22. Clangnuts

    There are so many people here commenting stuff. I’m not trying to correct your mistakes, I’m just not agree with any single word

  23. MYip

    I’m very interested in topics like that, but this one sounds especially truthful, and I really trust the source where it came from. Sooner or later it was going to come out and it finally did!

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