Easter Basket Guide

13th March 2008

This isn’t Hank’s first Easter, but it will be his first basket, because apparently jelly beans are exactly the size of an infant’s windpipe, and seemingly difficult to gum. Who knew? Also, people who assemble Easter baskets for one-month-olds should be taking care of all of our babies while the rest of us dance naked and howl at the moon. I haven’t had nearly enough time for that lately.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about basket-gathering activities, so I’ve been having fun scouting. Here’s what the mighty team has come across so far on Mighty Goods and Mighty Junior:

Easter Baskets for Grown Ups
Kids Easter Basket Guide
Easter Baskets for Babies

Let us know what you think. And don’t forget the Peeps.

16 thoughts on “Easter Basket Guide

  1. Michelle

    Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t like peeps? I never could get it across to my parents, obviously, as they continued to put them in my basket every year.

  2. denise

    i am seriously giving my 3 yr. old nephew a box of kleenex and his own roll of select-a-size paper towels because those are his favorite things in the world. his head will literally explode when he’s told they are all his and nobody is going to take them away from him.

  3. barlow

    The worst Easter present has to be those pre-made baskets at Sam’s Club. It is a great way to say “Here’s some crap, kid, hope you like Inspector 12’s work.”

    My favorite Easter memorys is just the smell of the vinegar and Paas tablets for dyeing eggs. And the way my Dad would hide eggs in like-colored flowers…

  4. Kim

    Peep Smores! They are the best, my girls love watching the peeps blow up in the microwave to the size of a softball and then deflate as flat as a pancake. Does it get better?

    I also like the Peep t-shirts for youth at Dylan’s.

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