9 thoughts on “Paper

  1. Ronda

    not sure if they show this commerical in the states… but it has an interesting use of books at the end!

  2. Michelle

    Tom Bendtsen’s books structure’s are amazing! I wonder if he glues them or just stacks them. If he glues them, though, it would pain me, because it would ruin them.

  3. Sarah


    The ceiling in the library at the Istanbul Modern Museum of Art is also a really great piece of “book art” — thousands of books suspended from the ceiling with steel cables. I can’t link to the image directly, but if you go to site map –> library, they are easy to find. Enjoy!

  4. Cheney

    That’s just the kind of post I love! I am always looking for paper related things on Mighty Goods (which is a great site!) I am obsessed with paper, and the book that Patrick Ng wants to make is awesome! Thanks!

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