16 thoughts on “Sex For Reproduction

  1. Leah

    Judaism doesn’t look too bad either.

    In Judaism it’s a mitzvah (good deed or blessing) to have sex on the sabbath.

  2. boxingoctopus

    I gotta say I loved my maternity thongs. In fact, I still wear them (although they’re looser than they were back then). Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should succumb to the dreaded panty line!

  3. Jen

    A friend of mine was looking for maternity clothes on ebay and one lot included a pair of “gently used” maternity thongs. Ew lady, just ew.

  4. Michelle

    If I were to be religious, I’d have to be Buddhist, because I’m pretty sure my nephew is gay. Even though he’s 7, I can tell. Yes I can.

    I don’t wear thongs now, so I doubt I’d wear them pregnant.

  5. Nai

    #10 Ditto! I wore my normal thongs throughout my entire pregnancy. I doubt there are any differences, except, with maternity in the name, it’ll cost twice as much. :-)

  6. lacey

    Nai: amen! Someone told me a couple of months ago (I’m 33 weeks now) that the underwear that I “have to wear” “must be horrible.” Meh? There’s special underwear for pregnancy?

  7. Jules

    I found myself smiling at my own religion of Judaism, but did you scroll down far enough to see the Unitarian Universalists? WOW, they might as well just call themselves “No time for temple and here’s why!”; and might I add that I’m converting tomorrow.
    House of Jules

  8. Lizzie

    Interesting chart. I have read something written by the Dalai Lama that said that homosexual couples come to him for blessing and he has to turn them away and tell them that his religion opposes homosexual acts… something about the “other” holes is not okay.

  9. david b

    Attractive as the Buddhist position on masturbation might be, I have to doubt its accuracy as I know that orthodox Judaism does not approve of masturbation (from the story of someone wasting seed instead of doing the honorable thing and marrying the widow of his deceased brother) or homosexuality (described as an abomination).


  10. Dangercat

    I am sooooo glad my father is a Buddhist. I am pleased that the majority of the hang ups and stigma of “sin” where just not my issue.

    But on behalf of my nads, I am concerned; I never told, suggested, hinted, intimated, or thought they were a good idea. Please do not punish me for who or whoever got you to where them. I am afraid that should we ever meet, you will recognize me as the man with a book in his lap, legs crossed and trying not to make eye contact.

  11. Therese

    Thanks for the sexual teachings link. Informative!

    I’ve never been pregnant and maternity thongs make me want to punch someone too. Repeatedly. Who thought this would be a brilliant idea?

  12. Jill

    And having no religion means you can do whatever the f you like. Such as punching people in the nads at will.

    And what is the per centage of pregnant women that get piles? Hence thongs would, presumably, be rather more uncomfortable than normal. Sod the VPL.

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