14 thoughts on “Gesture

  1. Greg

    Imagine the topic. It’s more fun that way.

    For example, I imagine Jon was explaining the intersection of tai chi practice, Mormonism, and the style of play of Dallas Mavericks power forward Dick Nowitzki. (But he mispronounced ‘Nowitzki.’)

  2. Cathryn

    Ha! Neither Jon nor I would do well in China. Am going in a week and just had to learn that Chinese DO NOT appreciate it when you speak with your hands!

  3. Sarah

    Clearly my mind is in the gutter and I need to get out more because I’m pretty sure he was discussing…….

  4. jon deal

    Last year we went to lunch and he started explaining to me how drupal works and he killed a guy in the booth next to us.

    OK, that’s not true, we weren’t talking about drupal. But that guy next to us was *pissed* about Armstrong’s finger in his eye. :-]

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