100 Things to Do Before I Go

I’ve often thought how fun it would be to keep this list somewhere online and cross stuff off as the years go by. Here’s one through twenty-five.

1. Go dog sledding
2. Safari in Africa
3. Scuba dive
4. See the salmon run in Alaska
5. Ride a camel in the desert
6. Pyramids at sunset
7. Tango in a milonga
8. Cross the Canadian border
9. See Cuba
10. Have a croissant at a French cafe
11. Try escargot
12. Take a road trip across the U.S.
13. Watch the sunrise over the Agean
14. Whiskey at a pub in Ireland
15. Linguica in Portugal
16. Open a Swiss bank account
17. Stay in the ice hotel
18. Visit that church made entirely of bones
19. Make butterscotch from scratch
20. Go on a multi-day biking trip
21. Fund and finish my art project/store
22. Gather a few dozen people to blow bubbles from the Golden Gate Bridge
23. Attend the San Francisco Black and White Ball
24. Grow vegetables
25. Learn to roll in a kayak

Surprised at how many of these are travel-related so far. Post a few of yours in comments, if you feel the urge.

54 thoughts on “100 Things to Do Before I Go

  1. Count me in as another one of your bubble blowers! Just give me a little lead time and I will try my hardest to be there.

    Also, one suggestion – for the best croissants in France, don’t go to a cafe, but just walk in to the best smelling patisserie in the area. Choose your favorite croissant, walk out into the fresh air, and enjoy the glorious tastes while also soaking up the sights and sounds of France! That’s my favorite thing to do when I’m in Paris. 🙂


  2. I cannot stress enough that you should cross the bone church off your list stat. I thought I’d find it cooler… and I used to listen to Samhain, so I feel I’m a pretty tough critic of the creepy.


  3. You know, if these comments are anything to go by, crossing off #22 shouldn’t take you very long. Count me in!

    I’ve just started my own list, thanks for the inspiration. A lot of my stuff is travel, too, but also learning new things and relearning things I used to enjoy.

    A few from what I’ve listed so far:
    1. Make a tasty pot of chili not involving a premade seasoning packet.
    2. Sit on that Japanese Bridge and dangle my feet over Monet’s Water Lily Pond.
    8. Own a Victorian style home, complete with claw-foot tub, window seat, and sparkling crystal chandelier.
    14. Learn to sing again.
    15. Learn some Latin Ballroom dance.

    And of course:
    7. Watch my kid accomplish some items on his own bucket list.


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