100 Things to Do Before I Go

4th March 2008

Twenty-six through fifty:

26. Publish a piece of fiction
27. Know basic French
28. Know basic Mandarin
29. Set foot on all seven continents
30. Set foot in all fifty states
31. Help someone get into or through college
32. Stand atop the Great Wall of China
33. Stand inside the Taj Mahal
34. Host an annual party when the fruit trees bloom
35. Go clamming again
36. Do two pull ups
37. Go berry picking and make pies
38. Meet Ms. Winfrey
39. Have a dog again
40. Take tap dancing lessons
41. Section hike the Applachian Trail
42. Make my own perfume
43. Launch a new Mighty site
44. Take Hank camping
45. Make a peaceful living space for our family
46. Institute chocolate and champagne Tuesdays
47. Tithe
48. Do a “10 Things You Don’t Know About Women” feature for Esquire
49. Attend TED
50. Give $100 to a violin-playing busker

Please post a few of yours in comments.

32 thoughts on “100 Things to Do Before I Go

  1. sizzle

    I love this. I should really do one of these lists for myself. . .How awesome would it be to give a violin-playing busker $100?! :)

  2. Molly

    1. Learn to surf.
    2. Make a perfect beurre blanc without it separating.
    3. Live in another country while my kid is still young enough to pick up the accent.

  3. solaana

    I have added so many of these to my “30 Things do before I’m 30” list. I have a year and a half, so…oops. But I think if I start now I might be able to get that pull-ups thing in under the wire.

  4. claire

    Love #36. If you let yourself jump to the bar initially, it’s really the second pull up that’ll get ya. So hard.

    Always did love that shot of Linda Hamilton doing pull ups in Terminator 2 though.

  5. Ann K

    1. Visit Italy.
    2. Spend as much time with my sister as possible.
    3. Have my own Acupuncture office.
    4. Blog like I mean it.
    5. Have a child.
    6. Enjoy everything.
    7. Love my parents while they’re here.
    8. Appreciate the chocolate, don’t resent it.

  6. Jen

    My list includes celebrating Independence Day in Washington, DC. Oh to see the fireworks from a blanket on the National Mall.

  7. steph

    re: the new Mighty site, might I recommend something related to tea? That post about tea just goes to show there are a lot of interested …. what do you call people who like tea? Anyway. Think about it. :)

    My #1 is to raise my child to be a good person who is a productive, caring member of society. All else is gravy. (But a far distant #2 is going to Scotland next year! In fact, I want to eat & drink my way around the world! Yippee!)

  8. Sara

    Here are a few more from me: Trek to Mt. Everest base camp. Learn French. Win a bike race. Be on the cover of any magazine. Build a working darkroom.

  9. Dawn

    I also have on my list to visit all 50 states.
    I’d also like to go to that spot where you can be in 4 states at once.


    run a marathon
    visit Italy

  10. MomVee

    Throw a “brewgrass jam” party (combining a bluegrass jam with beer tasting. Ideally in October.); compile an oral history of my college singing group; finish a triathlon; read Proust.

  11. Betsey

    This portion of your list was inspirational. Not that you need affirmations from your readers, but I’m inclined to say kudos.

  12. LMR

    You know what is in the quite tiny inside of the Taj Mahal? One hundred million kajillion zillion people – shoving, pushing, yelling and pulling. However, I highly recommend basking in the glow outside, it’s truly spectacular. As is most of India, sigh…

  13. Sarcomical


    okay, here are a few:
    -have at least 5 photos published in magazines
    -have at least one article published
    -show photos in a gallery
    -learn to paint something that looks realistic
    -visit iceland, greece, ireland, india, japan and switzerland
    -visit the pacific coast and the southwest desert
    -master a rock-climbing wall
    -grow my hair down to my boobs at least one more time
    -become advanced in yoga
    -participate in a humanitarian mission in another country
    -have a rose garden

  14. Min

    Here are a few of mine:
    -Attend an Oscar party, like the Vanity Fair one and rub elbows with some couture
    -Take my husband traveling, he has never really had the opportunity to do so
    -Learn how to make hard liquor
    -Raise good and productive members of society
    -Learn to not care about what people think unless I love them.

  15. Ivy Ellen

    My most important “Things to Do Before I Go…”
    -Have children
    -Have my very own art show with my very own art
    -Start my own business selling something I make by hand
    -Foster abandoned, abused, and ill dogs
    -Learn how to use a manual 35mm camera
    -See Sting in concert
    -Travel to all 50 states, plus step foot in every continent
    -Be the best wife ever
    -Learn new ways to love myself
    -Publish a book
    -Become a master gardener
    -Purchase and renovate a historic home
    -Volunteer once a week or more
    -Be successful enough so my husband can be a stay at home dad, like he dreams about
    -Show my family and friends how much I love them every day

  16. Jan

    I recommend all of these:
    -Swim in the ocean under the stars. (It was the Atlantic in my case, but any ocean is good! Extra points if you do it with no clothes on at least once.)
    -Teach a chimp sign language.
    -Organize a display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.
    -Call home from the top of the Rocky Mountains (I live in Tennessee.)

    Ones I’m still working on:
    -Visit all parts of the continental US (still lack the extreme northwest and extreme northeast).
    -Start my memoirs, just for myself, to make sure I remember as much as I can when I can’t remember as much as I used to.
    -Learn VBA.
    -Get out of debt and really crank up my savings.
    -De-clutter and organize my house.

    (Pssst, Dawn in comment #10 – I’ve been to 4 Corners and it’s neat; you’ll like it!)

  17. Tina

    So much to think about….

    -Inspire someone to be a teacher
    -Have my children go to college
    -Help my daughters plan a wedding
    -Backpack in Europe
    -Take a cartrip acrossed the US
    -Publish SOMETHING
    -Paint something and frame it in my house
    -Take photographs of lighthouses in Maine
    -Take a girl trip driving to vineyards all over
    -Rent a beach house in Mexico for a month
    -Scuba dive in Australia
    -Take my children to Europe before they are old enough to worry about the cost or if they will ever go there
    -Write a cookbook
    -Be a guest chef at a cafe
    -Inspire teachers and have workshops on best practices to set kids up for success….

    …and the list goes on….and the list goes on…

  18. JoAnn

    #44 Take Hank Camping is a must.
    Camping would have never been on my list before we did it with our sons (even when they were little). It’s amazing! Now we camp every year. The boys have stories from year to year. We’ve even introduced other families to the joys of camping, and we have a great family tradition every summer.

  19. sabrina

    i like your list…here are a few of mine.
    1. take surfing lessons again in cabo.
    2. learn to take better pictures.
    3. make sure my daughter makes a difference in this world.
    4. take her to hawaii for surfing lessons.
    5. jet set like a celebrity, but i want to earn that money.
    6. figure out a way to support my family like they deserve.

  20. Megan

    I’m stuck on small things right now: 1. stop eating these cookies and 2. brush the collected crumbs from my cleavage. I really need to start dreaming bigger. Thanks for the reminder.

  21. wen

    I’m doing #40 (tap dance lessons). It’s a group of beginners, taught by a woman who is a great tapper and lots of fun. The class is about 20 women (sometimes a little less–guys are welcome but none show up) and we meet at the Allegro Ballroom in Emeryville at 10 AM on Saturdays if you’d like to get busy crossing this one off your list. ;)

  22. Jules

    usually a lurker, but must comment on this one –

    Number 50 was a giant dream of mine til this year – except it was a very specific busker who is blind, has a guide dog and plays a recorder (those little flutey things you play in grade school) – I couldn’t wait to be able to afford to give her a real big donation. But I haven’t seen her this year. I think I missed my chance :(

  23. miranda

    Hey, I live just off the Appalachian Trail, in Southwest Virginia. I call dibs on having Maggie stay with ME! :)

    You’ve now got me thinking about making a list like this. I usually do smaller lists like this when I travel. For example, when I went to LA this summer I had several unusual goals that weren’t as touristy as the usual. Such as going to see the wall where Elliott Smith shot the cover of his Figure 8 album. It made for some pretty awesome memories.

  24. Cameron


    #38 will most likely be a let down for someone as thoughtful as you. You might want to make room on your list for something else that doesn’t involve being insulted and treated as though you were wasting a certain incredibly important person’s time.

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