Heading Over the Pass

4th February 2008

Me: Shit. It’s dark.
Melissa: I know! And the banks are super high. Do they just have enormous plows?
Me: Yeah.
Melissa: And it’s totally deserted. This is so strange.
Me: I’m cool. I’ll just consume your flesh while I wait for rescue.
Melissa: Yeah, which part should you start with?
Me: Which limb do you use least?
Melissa: Help arrives like minutes later, and you’re hunched over my body.
Me: I’m like, “Whaa?”
Melissa: OK. So it’s true we just had dinner, but I was nervous!
Me: I felt anxious!
Melissa: Don’t judge me!

7 thoughts on “Heading Over the Pass

  1. Moose

    I got lost in the snowy hills of Tahoe for a whole half hour last week. I was about five minutes away from eating the dog’s tender haunches when we found the road.

  2. Dreadpirate

    Frankly, I think Melissa and you are far too much hilarity for one car.

    You could have started an avalanche. Or even a hilari-lanche. Hmmm, trademark!

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