Except for That One Time in Tijuana

5th February 2008

Our arms are full of bags, there are plastic bags hanging from our elbows, our wrists, our fingertips. We climb aboard the elevator, watch the doors close, and pause uncomfortably for a moment. I look at the buttons, at Melissa, back at the buttons. Then I lean forward and press our floor button with my nose.

I straighten back up.

“That may be the most unsanitary thing I’ve ever done.”

14 thoughts on “Except for That One Time in Tijuana

  1. jennifer

    If you’re still in Portland, eat at Le Pigeon. Trust me on this! OR Ken’s Artisan Pizza on NE 28th, or Masu the sushi place next to Ken’s.

  2. kidlet

    I wouldn’t be too concerned unless an odour followed you out of the elevator… if that’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done there will be wings waiting for you when you arrive upstairs!

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