4th February 2008

I voted in the California primaries yesterday, because I’ll be out of town for the big day. To be honest, it was a tough decision for me, because I’m pretty thrilled with the choices. Clearly, no matter whether Hillary or Obama wins, I’ll be especially proud to vote Democratic this year.

In the end, I decided to vote for Hillary in the primaries because I think she’ll be better able to hit the ground running. Lord knows our country can use every day of reasoned leadership we can get. Also, as my friend Sara said, I’d be disappointed in myself if our country finally managed to elect the first Madame President and I didn’t do everything I possibly could to help get her there.

I know a lot of you guys are in California, so please take advantage of your chance to help whomever you think is most worthy. It’s going to be a good year.

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  1. Jennifer

    thanks Maggie for such a positive political post! I share your hope for a Madame President as well as your positive feelings about both candidates and you phrased it all very well.

  2. ~Alberto

    I’m going out for Obama but am prepared to pull the lever for Hilary if that’s how things shake out; I agree, we’ve got wonderful choices this time around and Dems should be proud.

    quick plug; No on 94-97. :o)

  3. Lane

    Obama is my guy. He’s young enough to not have a slimy politician aura and I feel would be just as ready as Hillary. Also, I think he could stand up to McCain much better.

    I just don’t feel that way about the “Madame President” thing. I see it both ways. Either the first black President, or Madame President — I feel they are both equally as exciting.

  4. Mari

    I’m a feminist and i don’t feel compelled to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. I’m voting for Barack because of his judgment, new ideas and non-divisive attitude. I actually first met him in 1997 and I remember thinking even then that he was so dynamic I could see him becoming President one day. I hope that day is soon!

  5. Steve

    I’m a Republican, and I’ll vote for McCain if it gets to PA. But I must admit, I’m surprised Obama isn’t walking away with this on the Democratic side. Either way, kudos to the Democrats for the diversity of their choices. America has finally turned the corner!

  6. Elise

    I think they’re both great but can’t cast a ballot as I’m not a citizen. I agree with you completely about not wanting to miss your opportunity to support a woman. I read a quote on my Starbucks cup the other day by Madeline Albright that is now burned into my consciousness:

    “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help women.”

  7. jenn

    i agree – get out there and vote! i filled out my absentee ballot tonight and am dropping it off at my local polling place tomorrow. no matter who wins after tomorrow and the remaining few elections it is going to be a very very interesting year.

  8. andrea

    My primary is late so unfortunately, I don’t feel very much a part of the primaries. However, if I could vote, I would vote for Hillary hands down because of your same reasoning. Last night I heard a young democratic who said that folks who are already politically involved are choosing Hillary and those new to the political process are picking Obama. I thought that was pretty interesting and telling.

  9. marymuses

    I filled in the Obama oval just moments ago. I have always done my research and shown up to vote, but this is the first time I’ve been truly inspired by a candidate. My husband and I even did GOTV calls and helped out around the Obama office. Even though I felt nervous every time I had to dial another number, I managed not to pass out once. Phone nervousness or no, it’s been really fantastic to be involved this time around.

  10. Saffoula

    I commend you for the GOTV message. I’m an Obamamaniac myself. I think he is less divisive than Hillary and has the best chance of beating the Republicans in November. I love how his message is about what WE can do, not what HE will do. I was thrilled at the chance to shake his hand at an inspiring rally in June. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot.

  11. Jenn

    Come on ladies – the last thing I want as a woman is to be supported for just being a woman. I want to live in a country where it matters less what’s underneath my clothes and more what’s between my ears! I think it is intellectually dishonest to support Hillary just because she is a woman. If you support her because you like her policies then that is a different matter.

    I will agree though that this election is exciting and I am proud of our country for the choices we have before us.

  12. Lori

    I voted today as well and kept in mind the words of this South Carolina voter interviewed in exit polls ” I pray I have the discipline to vote solely based on what is best for my country and not on emotion”.

  13. si

    you heard it here in the comments of a blog of someone i don’t know. there will never be a woman or black president in our lifetime.

  14. Julie

    Thank you for the thoughtful post. I am one of the 40% of NYers who voted for Obama. Hillary (and many democrats) did not stand up to Bush and lost my respect and support, nevertheless I do think we should be proud of the democratic candidates this time around.

  15. Sheena

    I wholly agree with your opinion that Hillary is better able to hit the ground running. There are some excellent comments above. I’d like to comment on the repeated use of divisive or non-divisive: Why insist that Hillary is too divisive? An election is divisive; people separated by their opinions. What else is democracy but people coming together to express their contrariness peacefully?

  16. Amy

    As Lane stated earlier, Obama certainly could stand up to McCain much better intellectually, but don’t take that to mean I don’t think Hillary can at all; I do think she can too! However, if it comes to her, she will just piss him off royally and have him so frazzled – he’ll have a huge meltdown for all of the USA to see.

    So either way, Clinton or Obama, McCain’s going down.

    Anyone else feeling a strong Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket vibe? I am. That would be so awesome.

  17. Sue Phee

    does no one remember the “bodies strewn on the lawn”, the drug trafficking and all of the other corruption that happened while Hillary and Bill were back in Arkansas? hellooooooo

  18. Kathy

    I’d be disappointed in myself if our country finally managed to elect the first Madame President and I didn’t do everything I possibly could to help get her there.

    Thank you. I was torn between Obama and Clinton, and although the thought of this country finally electing a female president wasn’t the only reason I voted for Hillary, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t play a even a small part.

  19. bella

    I’m 26, female. My entire life a Clinton or Bush has been in office; it’s time for a change. If Hillary gets the Democratic nomination I will vote for her, but it will only be out of duty. I want to vote for someone who I respect and admire, and Obama is the only one who fits that category.

  20. katie

    I too voted for Hillary. Because she is a policy wonk and I like her policies. Because she is strong, tough, disciplined and smart. Because she is experienced and will be ready on day one. And because it is time for a woman to be in the White House. I too will be happy to vote for Obama if he is our candidate. Some of the more hostile comments lead me to suggest obeying all laws, you never know who will make up a jury of your peers.

  21. Lin

    I’m not American, but the rest of us from around the world read and wait with great interest on what happens next. We’ve learnt that whatever happens in your politics affects the rest of us, whether we like it or not. I don’t know enough of Hillary or Obama but they have both impressed me with the little that I’ve read and heard from both. Whatever it is, America, I’m really hoping it’s not another xenophobic Republican.

  22. Jen

    I don’t know about that “Ready on Day One” thing. Look at how they’ve run their campaigns — she seems to have been sure she had it and needed only one plan to win. He went out and basically built something out of nothing, in most every state, not just the big ones. She thought it would be all over and is having to restructure, some might argue a bit late in the game.

    That’s my one BIG qualm with Clinton — her certainty that there is one way and it’s her way and everyone better get on board with that. I understand the feeling, having it myself a lot…but we’ve just lived with that for 8 years and I don’t need anymore. Nor do I want a dynasty or some sort of dual spousal presidency. Not that I didn’t love voting for Bill. And of course, I can’t vote for McCain.

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