First World Problems

22nd January 2008

Like when you get your chai latte? And it’s all super sweetened instead of all spicy and delicious? Even now, you can hear my thighs stretching to contain the four tablespoons of sugar in the single sip I just took.

Off to watch some back episodes of “The Hills.”

11 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. Nancy

    I so glad to know a smart witty person like yourself watches “The Hills”

    I can tell you, nothing much happens that you couldn’t see coming, but it’s still necessary to see for yourself.

  2. superblondgirl

    Yeah, all those drinks are too sugary – I think I must be getting old now. I’m always ordering my caramel macchiatos with less syrup, my coffee with half the sugar…

  3. maria

    As an ex-barista, I know we tend to make drinks to our preferences, and we usually run young, and that means we like our drinks sweet.

    Sorry. As I grow older and more actively enjoy my coffee/teas, I find that less sugar tastes better. Sorry from me and my former people.

  4. Mareshia

    The best is SunChai which you can get in CA but I have to ship in to Boston. I used to get it from NewLeaf in Santa Cruz. Spicy and not too sweet. I ship them in by the half gallon freeze ’em in ice trays and put the cubes in zipper bags. Spicy chai till the cows come home.

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