Home Again, Home Again

18th January 2008

We’re back, and still feeling a little akimbo. That may be because Hank keeps waking up at 3:30 a.m. While I pull the photos and tips and ideas I have in various notebooks, you should see this video Bryan made of Hank freaking out over a red ball. This baby guy is a totally awesome baby guy:

35 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. dooce

    I especially love the part where Bryan looks like he has no legs and is forced to move his whole body around using nothing but his arms. That’s just so talented.

  2. Melissa

    I’m with Jules. Hank is so gorgeous that my uterus is aching. Plus my cheeks from watching Bryan scoot around on the floor with his arms like a big adorable monkey.

  3. Sarah

    Nice save halfway through, Bryan!
    I think Hank’s slightly more nuts about the ball than his Daddy, but it’s definitely a close-run thing.

  4. jana

    I love how matter-of-fact Bryan is about the whole thing. And how Hank is totally losing his shit. Ah, to be a kid again!

  5. Amy :)

    I just wanted to say I thought I was the only one who called their son “baby guy” – everyone always looks at me weird when I do. Now I can tell them that Maggie does too, and they can keep their looks to themselves.

    Also, Hank is SO AWESOME!

  6. Lisa

    How adorable!

    One of our “duh, George!” moments was when we were shopping at WalMart (oh, the shame) with our son, who was 9 months old, and my husband looked at me and said, “we should get him a ball.” Bless his little heart. Up until this pivotol moment, he did not own a single ball. Now, it is all he plays with. He is 15 mos old and when he sees a ball, he still acts like it is the first time.

  7. heather

    That is disgustingly cute. I’m especially fond of the moment when Hank topples over and Bryan looks at camera as if to say, “Got it. Check.” To you? To his adoring fans? Who’s to say?

    (And random side note: I love that the blogosphere has now induced me to use the first names of two people I’ve never met as if we’re old chums. Is that as weird to read as it is to type? It seemed ridiculous to say “your child” and “your husband” as if I don’t read Mighty Girl every day. As in…duh, Maggie’s husband is Bryan and her kid is Hank! Have you even been READING? It’s weird, just weird).

  8. Rachelskirts

    Welcome back! Dooce said exactly what I was thinking… Bryan is just so very talented in this video! By brain was having a hard time handling his mad skillz plus the overwhelming cuteness of Hank. I totally need to have a red ball in my purse from here on out in case I bump into any baby humans.

  9. eda

    It’s just beautiful!
    It almost made me cry.
    Just simple, sweet, …and full of joy.

    Thank you for this video, Maggie.

  10. Barbara

    The sounds!!! You have a home. The dryer in the background, the baby squeals and shuffles, and dad’s scrambling and chirping and chuckling…If you ever have to travel, burn this and pipe this into your I-pod. You will be home.

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