20 thoughts on “Subliminal Marketing

  1. Annie

    English is not my first language so please dont laugh at me.
    What is a muff?? The description says “also doubles as a muff to keep warm”… to keep what warm?? After reading the comments here im afraid to ask other people haha

  2. Jules

    From the Muff doll description: These comforting creatures have their own personalities …. This would make Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologue fame either very happy or very annoyed.
    House of Jules

  3. Sheila D

    Annie: muff and snatch are other words for the mother of all ladyparts. As in, the physical act of becoming a mother will stretch yours to lengths it has never been stretched before.

  4. Ken

    This reminds me of when I was in a theater, and I saw previews for the movies “Snatch” and “Blow” back-to-back. I remarked to a friend that they should make that a double-header.

  5. ehme

    I actually own the game Snatch! We sold it in the toy store I worked in for years, and I used to love to recommend it to the super uptight customers. “Oh your son will love this game! All the boys love Snatch!”

  6. Andree

    Annie – Sheila D. only gave you the dirty definitions – I would still be confused if I were you. It seems like you’d want both halves of the double entendre, right? A muff is a stuffed tube thing that you put your hands in to keep them warm. (Which makes the other definition more vile, right?) And “snatch” means to grab or steal something.

  7. heather

    So, Tom gave George Snatch for Christmas. I’ve played a game (or rather, had my ass handed to me). I’ve resisted saying that “I’ve played with George’s Snatch,” but here and now, I’m saying it out loud.

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