19 thoughts on “Hank’s Vocabulary

  1. BethanyWD

    One of my best friends emigrated from Argentina 14 years ago, and since then her mother and her sister’s family has followed. We share an office so we’ve been discussing your adventures in that country (mostly whether she remembers the same details). It’s so adorable that Hank says, “Ciao!”, since that’s what I hear all day when my friend gets off the phone (speaking Spanish the whole time) with her mom or sister. I have even taken it up!

  2. Emily

    Aw, sweetest. I love the just starting to talk phase. Keep a running word list (I am sure you will), my friends did that for months (on their fridge) and it was so fun.

  3. Logos

    You should have Hank watch Eddie Izzard’s Dressed to Kill so he can pantomime being on a Vespa when he says ciao. ‘Course that might bring up questions later in life…

  4. Judith Roenke

    That is so cute! I was hoping you would create a post/tutorial on travel with the little one. I am thinking of going to south America with our little Henry and want to know what gear you bring. Car seat for taxis?, sling/bjorn/stroller, 3 outfits per day, or wash blow outs/barf in the sink? extra vaccinations before hand? So many questions…

  5. stephanie

    ciao is an Italian word. many Argentines are of European descent. i think that is why it is so common in Argentina.

  6. Meegan

    I love hearing certain words in baby voices. My current favorites that my daughter says are “cow” and “Elmo” She really lengthens the oooowwww and it’s so darn cute. And “Elmo” is just said with love.

    I would LOVE to hear Hank’s baby voice say “Ciao!”. That is just precious.

  7. Erin Cooper

    It’s annoying how much cooler Hank is than me. :)Glad you guys are having such a great time in Argentina (except for the whole purse stealing incident)…

  8. I, Rodius

    I was totally going to rock the Eddie Izzard reference, but Logos beat me to it. I beat Hank could pull of the suaveness inherent in the word: Ciao.

  9. T Grum

    I used to watch “Betty la Fea” on one of the Spanish networks when it was popular. This is the show that “Ugly Betty” is based on. I could only pick out a few words here and there but could follow along with the plot well enough. They would always be saying “ciao” on that show, which threw me too, as I thought it was strictly Italian. Then I thought that maybe they were trying to be continental or something.

  10. T Grum

    Oops, meant to say that Betty la Fea was filmed and Based in Columbia. So maybe it’s a South American thing.

  11. Sophie

    I studied in Peru and am now living with Costa Rica… people say Chau (spanish spelling, italian word) in both places (although more in Peru than here). I think it’s pretty widespread throughout Latin America. We also said “Chaucito” in Peru, which I thought was cute, and I think they even say “chauzinho” in Brazil.

    gosh, he’s talking a lot — he’s not even 1 yet, is he?

  12. anne

    Perfect. Just wait…there are so many more coming… this week, our daughter said,”prinshess” for the first time.. oh my.

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