8 thoughts on “Signs of Buenos Aires

  1. Lara

    I’m dying to see a photo of the Olive Oyl outfit! Oh, and you’re definitely not alone with the movies thing – sorry to tell you, but our kids are 10 and 12 and we’re just now getting back into our pre-kid social life (they’re old enough to stay at home alone for a little while – YAY!). No Country For Old Men is worth paying a sitter for, though – GO!

  2. sally simpleton

    Yay! Nice pictures! I’m glad someone else shares the obsession. I just posted a flickr set full of “Street Art” from my trip to Buenos Aires in November…I haven’t yet gotten to signage, mostly just the painted murals and stenciled graffiti.

  3. Elli

    I love the last one. At first, the dude walking registered in my brain as riding the back of the dump truck. Either way, it’s great!

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