Happy Trails to You

5th December 2007

So, I have a thing about travel plates. I love the hopefulness, the nostalgia, the sweet things they highlight that would be of little or no interest to the modern traveler (University of Mineral Mining! Deer!). When Melissa and I were shopping, we found someone’s old collection of plates, many of them marked with bits of tape indicating the year and the person who gave the plate as a gift. The plates were scattered all over the store, and we’d shout to each other victoriously every time we found a new one.

I like them grouped in with clean-lined modern objects on a shelf. Something about the kitsch factor really pops against more spare objects. They’re also sweet hung in a personalized grouping on the wall.

Anyway, some (but not all) of them made their way to the Mighty Goods Finds shop. See if we have one to mark your hometown, birthplace, favorite vacation, or fantasy trip. My dream is for this woman’s collection to inspire dozens more.

15 thoughts on “Happy Trails to You

  1. Jenguin

    (Kind of continuing a comment I left on one of your photos..) I really wish I had taken photos of the backs of my great-grandmother’s plates. She also put little pieces of paper on the back noting the year and who the plate was from. She told us she did that so the plate would then return back to the person when it was “time”. Her hand was shaky due to Parkinson’s so it was quite interesting to figure out the names on the newer plates… It’s nice to see these things bringing people joy. It made her happy to collect them too.

  2. Nikki

    I have a small collection of plates that my mom has given me (she lives in Michigan and finds these all the time). She’s given them to me based on where I live or have lived. They are fantastic – great things to collect.

  3. melissa

    Umm? Normally, I think you have wonderful taste in things, but those plates just do nothing for me. Like someone’s old leftover souvenir. Can’t wait to see new finds, though.

  4. Melissa

    MelissaS, sure they are. And, most of the stuff that you guys found I think is great, but something about someone’s leftover vacation trinket just makes me sad.

  5. Nancy

    Love. Knowing my shameful penchant for dishware, my husband purposely steered me away from the mecca of all travel/personalized plates — Fishy Eddys (don’t bother with their website — they only sell their own, slightly cheesy lines.) You can’t really tell what it is from the outside, so I blithely believed his fib that it wasn’t worth checking out the million times we walked by it (it’s just off Union Square in NYC). While it lacks the sentiment and nostalgic warmth of an antique store find, you nonetheless can pick up a cast-off or two from a 1976 Elk Lodge of Dubuque-crested set.

  6. oregoncoastgirl

    I have about 50 of these on my dining room wall. The rule is I won’t buy any over $5 each. It’s a fun collection, and they’re cute, but not that cute.

  7. Megan

    I’m confused. Maggie usually has such great taste. Ugly plates? An old map for $157? Busted old toys with a ribbon? A friggin FOOT? What the heck?

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