24 thoughts on “Can’t Get the Lid Of the Olives Either

  1. Melissa

    I KNOW – Totally lame. Have we gotten SO lazy that we can no longer take all of 7 seconds to use our very own arms to shake up a friggin’ beverage?

  2. witchypoo

    This is the rich cousin of the martini stirring battery operated thing from long ago that made its way under many Christmas trees as the gift to give Dad.

  3. Average Jane

    Even at a hundred bucks, it still looks like it has the sort of lid that can get so stuck that you have to resort to a hammer to get it open for cleaning. No thank!

  4. steve

    Personally I’m waiting for a machine that will twirl the swizzle stick around a Tom Collins for me.

    And why don’t you ever see electric cork screws? Why do we have to pull them by hand? Maybe I’m too busy looking for good wine, and not spending time looking for the right gadget?

  5. Kate

    Shaking martinis is not the hard part (if there truly is a hard part). Measuring all the ingredients and pouring them into the shaker is what takes a little more skill. Now, if someone designed that machine…

    Honestly, though, a large part of cocktails at home is making them. There’s something so elegant about it.

  6. Jennifer

    ha! it sort of reminds me of those electric turkey carvers (the second husband uses one in brokeback mountain). certainly the user of this martini shaker would assume he had nothing in common with the user of an electric turkey carver, but he would be wrong.

  7. Sandy

    The thing that really gets me about this (and what always bugged me about James Bond), as a former bartender, is that if you shake a martini, it bruises the gin. So if you want to spend $100 to ruin a perfectly good drink, have at it. I guess.

  8. T Grum

    I got an email from Sur La Table a couple of weeks ago plugging this. As a twice student of the San Diego Martini Ranch’s “How to Make a Perfect Martini” class,* I am apalled and amused. Part of the fun of martinis at home is making them. And I much prefered my gin “bruised.” That merely means that small pieces of ice are floating in the martini. But to the critics above about bruised gin, if you read the description of the product, you have your option of shaking or stirring with this gizmo.

    *Took the class twice as it was fun (and I was so soused the first time that I didn’t retain much of what I learned the first time around). For those in the San Diego area, I highly recommend the class, given through the Learning Annex. Not only do they teach the traditional drinks, but also the frou-frou stuff that the girls like, such as the chocolate martini and appletini.

  9. Dinah

    This girl prefers a Manhattan or a Negroni to some assy -tini drink, shakes most shaken drinks for more like 15 seconds to get a proper chill, and stirs her martinis not to avoid “bruising” but rather to prevent a cloudy presentation and to control the amount of ice melt.

  10. Alena

    Wow. Talk about lazy! I make martinis all the time at work and, as someone pointed out, shaking/stirring one is the easiest part…

    A hundred bucks for that? Why did the designer of this not get smacked about the head at the mere suggestion?

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