What Big Ears He Has

4th December 2007

What Big Ears He Has, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

Halloween in December! My friend Margaret Stewart sent us this photo, and she had the only shots of our family Halloween costumes. I’m Little Red Riding Hood, Bryan’s Grandma, and Hank is the Big Bad Wolf.

27 thoughts on “What Big Ears He Has

  1. CarrieP

    So cute! I love families that dress themed for Halloween. My friends did the Mom as Dr. Frankenstein, the 4-year old as the Monster and the Dad was Igor.

  2. Lyz

    An astute observer/parent will note the pacifier in Bryan’s hand, and the look on your face that clearly says, “Quick! Take that photo before he starts wailing!” Been there.

    Great, great costumes!

  3. Meg

    Ohhhh, I hope you don’t mind, but in 5 years or so I’m stealing this idea. As soon as I have a baby! I was little red riding hood in “Into the Woods” in High School, and I still have the cape. So. Perfict. And, hilarious! Love it!

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