21st November 2007

I find myself oddly in love with Detroit. I didn’t know much about it before we left, but it turns out to be kind of magically empty. There are people everywhere, just not as many as you expect to see given the infrastructure. All these gorgeous buildings are being left to themselves, like giant, crazy-expensive sculptures. Plus there’s all this amazing modernist architecture going for a song. It feels like it’s on the verge of a thousand artists descending and making it a freaky creative wonderland. Anyway, I didn’t have much time to go on photo safari, but here are a few shots I got. If you’re looking for shots of Melissa and her crew, they’re on Flickr.

16 thoughts on “Detroit!

  1. witchypoo

    These are wicked awesome. The first reminds me of some demented, robotic type pipe organ, but I got a real giggle out of the eagle. It appeared to be smushed on the building because it didn’t look where it was flying.
    Good eye!

  2. Gayla

    ’67 Riots and White Flight. I went there 10 years ago and found a shocking sense of brokenness and segregation that was very depressing and unsettling.

  3. robyn

    i love detroit! i’ve got family that live just outside the city proper, and my experiences have always been that most people don’t live in the city itself. all that space was dedicated to factories and such, and so much of it is abandoned now.

    but detroit? will always hold a huge spot in my heart!

  4. CarrieP

    As someone who has lived near Detroit, and who has gone there on occasion for events in the city, it’s nice to see an outsider who actually likes the place. With Detroit just being labeled “worst in crime,” (whatever that means) the city needs more people who aren’t afraid of it and who are willing to look at the more positive aspects. Because, sadly, sometimes there aren’t a lot of positive aspects about being in Detroit, or Michigan, for that matter.

  5. Arielle

    There isn’t enough Detroit-love around lately. Growing up in Detroit, I have a lot of love for the empty streets and all the beauty that can be found.
    Thanks for spreading the joy..

  6. Heather

    One of my new favorite songs: Detroit Waves by Matt Nathanson. Check it out. It makes me think about what it would be like to be in a band, go to a city and be moved enough to write a song about the experience…

  7. Julie

    Hmmm… empty, I think, because the city’s economy has gone into the toilet. It used to be booming. A true American urban wasteland.

  8. Nikki

    What a blast you two must have had. Ispiration for all us women out there to take time away from our routines, have some girl time, and go exploring cool places!
    Next time you visit, try to save a day and check out Cranbrook Contemporary Art Museum, House & Gardens, and Natural History Museum in Bloomfield Hills and if you’re heading to Kalamazoo, be sure to stop at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. Mucho Eye (& Belly) Candy-Ohhhhhhh!
    In the meantime, thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Cool photos, but at the risk of offending people – I have to admit I can’t stand Detroit.

    Or maybe I am just scarred from the time I was visiting my Joan Jett wannabe older cousin and she got caught shoplifting while I was with her. And I had to find my way home from the shoppping center BY MYSELF.

    When I was ELEVEN.


  10. sarahv


    Fabulous blog you have here!

    I live in a little town a few minutes away from Detroit, and have done lots of late-night exploring and bike-riding in the D. My favorite place is the old Michigan Central Station– there’s a top-secret, very elaborate way to sneak in and climb all eighteen imposing stories (jumping across the many holes and rusted-out stairs) and gaze out over the beautiful skyline (really!) of Detroit at night. Wandering around inside, you can tell that the place was once breathtaking. Definitely one of the most hauntingly surreal, beautiful places I’ve been.

    So glad to hear you share the love!


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