Come Shopping

23rd November 2007

In addition to all the personal shopping we did in Michigan, Melissa and I picked up a few things for you as well. We’ve launched an Etsy store called Mighty Goods Finds with all the awesome finds we’d have squirreled away if only we had endless space.

I’ve been daydreaming about doing little travel stores ever since we came back from Argentina last year with a suitcase full of amazing stuff. So if this ends up being as much fun as I think it’ll be, maybe you’ll see a little shop pop up every time the editors travel.

We’ll be posting something new every day until we run out of goods, so go have a look and see if there’s a good gift for someone on your list.

9 thoughts on “Come Shopping

  1. Sommar

    I have aften wondered where you put all of the interesting things you seem to be picking up antiquing and such. So at some point there’s just no more room for the cool stuff? That’s the point I am at as well!

  2. Tami

    Wow, I’m all nostalgic now! I’m from Argentina and those are awesome buys! I’m new in your blog and I love it already. I’m off to look the post about your trip.

  3. Jules

    That has to be the best excuse for you & Melissa to start traveling for “business” purposes that I’ve ever heard. Genius!

    I just blogged today about my favorite purchase this year. First, I bought one for myself (I always seem to find things for ME while attempting to holiday shop!) and then I realized that I could check a few other people off of my list if I got it for them, too. I love it when that happens!
    House of Jules

  4. HVM

    i love your idea, it’s beautiful stuff, too, but i’m wondering why you chose etsy to sell it- isn’t etsy all about handmade? just curious…

  5. Maggeh Post author

    Hi HVM, We just love Etsy, and it has a big community of vintage sellers in addition to the crafty folks. Plus it makes for such a pretty storefront.

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